Just Life

November sucks …  or not so much …

This has seemed a long month, starting from early October.

The political situation in the U.S. has preyed on my mind. The whole stupid predicament with the abandoned pets preyed on my mind, nerves and pocketbook.

Yesterday my ex-mother-in-law, our daughters’ last grandparent, died. We were not close in recent years, but because of the hurt and stress my three children have been feeling, I felt invested in her failing health, her 98th birthday, and her death. I feel such empathy for all of Mollie’s family.


Tonight it occurred to me that my mother died in a November, so did my dad. Gary’s father died November 19, 2000.  And now the girls’ paternal grandmother.

Despite all that (and that numerous friends have died in Novembers past), I have felt quite fond of this particular month, in general. In November, there is still time to make or buy Christmas presents AND get them mailed away. I haven’t sent Christmas cards for many years, but each November, I make a decision not to do it, and then it’s automatically crossed off this mythical list.

In November, we are getting used to the colder temperatures. I get to admire my husband moving snow around sometimes. We cook, bake and eat comfort foods, and then I often do too much Christmas baking far ahead of time (but less and less each year).

There was a great annual craft fair in McBride today. I was a good patron, I think, and bought more than I usually do, of all manner of items. The Fair supports school programs.

I don’t think I’m a super needy person, but I delighted in getting extra hugs today. Some friends wanted to acknowledge that Mollie and I had a closer relationship for a long time while she was my mother-in-law, and she lived in the same yard. We hadn’t had much to say to each other for 24 years, but her passing is still a milestone.

Most of what made me cry this week was admiration for Shelly and Susan, who rarely left Grannie’s side in the last eight days. They were great comfort and company to Mollie, but they were exhausted.

The Pet Hostel is rather quiet these days, in a manner of speaking. One little bugger, Bandit, barked a lot last night. I “tucked him in” at midnight, and woke at 4 am to his monotonous yapping. I went out to let him out in case he was uncomfortable. Then he was tucked in again, and I was back in the warm bed, and he started again. He kept that up until I got up at about 7. For some reason, he was pretty quiet during the daytime.


I had this wee unfortunate little guy for a few days this week. He doesn’t have much of a life, but is treated with kindness, food and warmth. Diago seemed quite content with the heated floors (and bedding) at our place, even though he doesn’t see at all, nor hear well. He is otherwise in excellent health except that his teeth and gums are in dreadful condition; I imagine that his owner doesn’t want to risk sedation for the dog for the dental procedures.


Both Bandit and Diago have gone home, and we have Clemina & Wally, Seltzer & Maya, Rory & Tag, Pebbles, Blitzen, and Ghost.

I have been working on a little project, thanks to inspiration from my friend Martina and “Pinterest.com”. I am going to call them “pet dens”, because for a cat or small dog, they will seem like lovely caves, so I think. I have not found time to sew cushions for the interiors yet.


I should have taken an updated photo … the two pet dens are looking nicer than above. They have more coats of paint, and once they were thoroughly dry, I “distressed” the edges a bit. I’m going to sell these (if I can) and see if I can feel inspired to bring home other hexagon side tables … I have ignored, passed up, and otherwise neglected to snag lots of these over the years.

I’ve created a few things in the last few months that didn’t sell worth a damn. Keeps me humble.

I’ve strayed a long way from my musings about “November”, but just as well. My mind and heart have felt too heavy in recent weeks, over nothing worth stewing about at all, or nothing within my control.

Hope you are all staying well and light.

Love, Ann



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