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Holly’s handoff …

Today we took Holly the Hound into Prince George, to the North Cariboo SPCA. It was less worrisome than I had feared.



She was a good girl, settling down in the back seat of the truck and making no noise. She occasionally sat up and looked around and once gave Gary a gentle kiss. I admit to feeling a little sad, but I had become quite bitter about the Holly situation (with the three cats too).

I would not take out my frustration on the dog, and I liked her a lot, but we can’t keep them all as our own. Holly was probably tied up most of her life, not taught very much, and anxious about many ordinary things. Toenail clipping made her berserk. I am not the strong, patient and competent trainer for this dog.

What impressed me was that Jodi, who knew the story and had given permission to bring Holly in, was so very matter-of-fact about everything. There were things I didn’t know about the dog, and Jodi said that was no big deal. She explained,  “We get rez (reservation) dogs with no history. Our vet is good at determining if a dog is spayed, and all pets get vaccinated regardless”. And Jodi had been through some difficult situations similar to ours.

Upon arrival at the SPCA, Holly got out of the vehicle, confident, curious about the new surroundings, and positively joyful to meet the team. I just couldn’t be too saddened to hand off this powerful, active dog to capable and loving people.

We went to Costco and quickly got a few staples. At home, our cupboards and freezers are full already, so I had composed a very short list. Then we got a couple of things from the store, “Staples” and headed for home.

Once “back at the ranch”, I checked on our pet guests and let Sam out of the kennel building:

As I stood watching the kitten cavort around in the skiff of new snow, it occurred to me that this would be the first time he had experienced the stuff!

Earlier this week, I had these two big shih tzus for toenail clipping. They have become SO much better for their nail trims. Both dogs are a fairly heavy lift for me.

I shampooed this beautiful young gal this morning before we drove to Prince George:

Taffi Wagner


As you’ve seen before, Sam is comfortable with most dogs. I’m not sure if he is providing reassurance to the dogs, or simply likes to be up there near me, or basking in the warm wind of the blow dryer. In this picture, Sam looks bored, and cross-eyed. He might be bored, but his eyes are perfect.

Bailey Corely & Sam

I had Zoey for a couple of days this weekend. I adore Zoey:


Gary did all of the driving today, and I was thankful. I was pretty dozy during the last leg of the trip, and for some reason I starting thinking how I had never made a Boston Cream Pie. After checking up on, and feeding doggy guests, I made one. It smelled wonderful, and I sent it over to the hospital with Shelly and her brother Matt, as the family is watching over Molly (my ex mother-in-law).


Even though the chocolate glaze turned out sort of pudding-like, it tasted good, not too sweet. There is custard made from scratch in the middle. The white cake was not from a new recipe; I used an almost idiot-proof standby.

Last week, I had these lovely three dogs for a few days. They were quiet and respectful, ate well, and seemed completely comfortable. Left to right: Foxy, Kita, Bono.

Well, my friends, I am literally falling asleep at this desk. I keep thinking I have something to tell you, and I can’t remember what it could be.

Have to go out to the building for the last bed check/lights out, as it’s 11:30. Then I’ll fill up the fire and get to bed.

Love, Ann

One thought on “Holly’s handoff …

  1. You certainly do lead an interesting life, Ann! Hope all goes well there at the Animal House now that Holly the Hound has moved on to a new home where she will be well taken care of. By the way, enjoy your daughter’s visit, Laine and I miss her!

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