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Emotional day …

Today a bake sale was held downtown to aid and support the rescue efforts of our Robson Valley Pet Hostel.

From 11 am. to almost 2 pm., friends and neighbours attended, bringing or buying goodies and leaving cash donations. Many found some time to offer encouragement and sit with me for coffee. Everything was so perfect; there was just enough baking for selling and eating. I was humbled, grateful, and tearful the entire time.

Just as people started coming in the door with baked goods before the sale, I got a cell phone call from the son of the man whose pets were brought here by RCMP several weeks ago. When I first spoke to Oliver, the boarding fee for the animals was under $500.  He said he could not help because he had just bought a home for $800,000 in Vancouver. (I know I shared that in a previous post).

So Oliver asked what the bill would be as of today, and when I told him, he became abusive, saying that was exorbitant and more than he’d have to pay where he lives. That, of course, would not be true.  Then Oliver’s wife was yelling that all of this was not the dad’s fault, blah blah. And did I realize that dad was only on a pension???

The conversation got less civil and more childish until I said that I would get a message to my husband that the cats could be released to the owner, and we could find a new home for the dog. I said that we could negotiate on the bill.

And then I phoned Gary to tell him to let Andre pick up the cats, sign the dog over (IF owner was in agreement), and waive the bill.

So, at the end of the day, the guy has his beloved cats back, and I can spend some time and money taking the hound to Prince George 150 miles away.

I noticed this afternoon that the dog has dug up a nice young tree in her yard, despite there being a guard around the tree. Gary said that he had replanted it once already.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Just now, the RCMP phoned to ask how things had gone with the pet owner. I explained. The officer said that his assistant wants to know when they can get their $120 back..

The officer said that he didn’t want things to be difficult between us, and that they might have to rely on me in the future. My response was that, though I would like to be able to smile and say hello in town, the RCMP will have to “bypass” the Pet Hostel in the future. ‘Nuff said?

I’m exhausted. I have a few pet mouths to feed and then I will finish the ground beef curry dinner I started for us.



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