Dogs and Life

A very close call …

img_0177img_0175img_0391With relief I’ll tell you that my mischievous new kitty, Sam, is alive and recovering.

I have work to do today, and was working most of the morning, but had found it odd that I wasn’t greeted by Siamese “Sam” this morning. He was not at the door of the kennel building waiting to get out, as usual, nor IN for that matter. This troubled me, but I had mouths to feed while I kept a lookout, and kept calling.

Smokey is a few years old now, and tends to watch all goings-on from any comfortable perch. The kitten, however, trips me, knocks my cup over, tries to put a paw under the needle of my sewing machine, and is always “in my face”. Except this morning.

I asked Gary if he thought the cat was in the basement, as we had heard some scratching noises earlier. I had checked, and Gary checked again. No Sam.

Feeling troubled all the while, I fed dogs and cleaned and checked every outdoor run for a cat pelt, and wondered what I would do if I found Sam mangled by a dog. Couldn’t very well punish any boarding dog for anything like that.

I worked some more, grooming, and then realized I hadn’t checked the exercise yards (the other dogs had been fed indoors). Sure enough, when I called, I heard a piteous sound and soon found a small, bedraggled blob with his little head through the 2″ square of heavy chain link fencing.

I tried to birth Sam’s head back through the fence but was I hurting him. Vegetable oil? Pliers? Bolt cutter? I eventually had to cut the heavy gauge fence with my giant bolt cutters as I couldn’t loosen and bend any wire enough to do the rescue.

All the while, the big border collie “Charlie”  was cavorting around, inches from Sam’s face, offering his ball. I have a theory that Charlie laid outside through the night beside the cat, as the dog was very wet despite having access to indoors the entire time.

Sam’s cheeks and jowls are swollen and his gums appear pale. But he is washed in warm water and wrapped in a towel, purring on my lap. I feel so guilty:  I now can remember Sam dashing outside the back door with Pebbles last night at “lights out” time… and I didn’t look for the kitten when I brought the wee doggie in.

Lucky cat. Lucky me.

Yesterday I felt stressed and sad because of the runaround I’ve gotten over the RCMP seizure of animals. If I had not saved Sam, I would be crying buckets. As it is, I’ve shed more tears in the last two days than I have in months.

It’s not about the money… it’s the frustration and the feeling of being disrespected or ignored or forgotten or taken advantage of. I want to help animals, but I will have to establish some policies of my own. I thought I had been so assertive in this particular case, but it still became a saga.
Will be back later to add pictures.
– Ann


Baxter makes me smile.

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