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It’ll be fun, they said …

and EASY, they said. Last week, Shelly and I went to Mabel’s house to buy fabric. Mabel is great. More as a community service than for profit, she bought the last of the fabric and sewing notions from a craft and quit shop that was closing.

For awhile, Mabel’s house was the only place in our community to find such things.

As we visited, Mabel asked if I knew about “1600 quilts”. The phrase had absolutely no meaning to me, and she suggested I Google the term. Then she showed me some works in progress, and I felt inspired!

In the days following, I watched a tutorial and read a bit about “1600 quilts”, or jelly roll quilts. The method seemed similar to some strip quilts I made when my daughters were little, but results more sophisticated. The claim was that you could make a full-sized quilt top in an hour!

Then I visited Sally, who is an avid quilter, and I was asking if she had any fabric in certain colours that she would want to sell. Indeed she did, and then she pulled out at least a dozen quilt tops in various sizes, mostly finished and … you guessed it, some using the miraculous jelly roll technique!

So this morning I started cutting fabric strips for a crib quilt top. I checked the internet for info regarding how much of each fabric I should have, how many different colours or patterns, etc.  Some of the tips seemed far too mathematical, and some seemed random and “idiot proof”.

So, after I cut the fabric strips, I busied myself sewing for the next three hours. It WAS fun. I like to sew fast and have some experience. Then when all these strips were sewn together, I was disappointed in the result. I didn’t take a photo. Without a picture, it is difficult to explain my issues, but there were too many strips of the same fabric touching. This resulted in some big “blocks” of solid colour, and this upset me.

So I went back to the drawing board, or at least the cutting mat, and cut the quilt top crosswise into strips. There are still plenty of squares touching squares of the same fabric, but I am more satisfied. It was very tedious sewing the project that way, and I did not do a perfectionist’s job, and it was neither fast nor fun, but at least it didn’t go in the fire!

I think I need to read more on the subject.


The saga of the RCMP-impounded animals continues. Remind me again what I should say when officers ask me to take in seized animals. I did not want to imagine abandoned animals alone and possibly hungry,  left behind in a house, but that is what happened. Now that they are in the system, however, I am supposed to wait for the official surrender of the animals in writing, from an owner who may be in jail for a long time. And the bill tonight is $550.00.

I heard from that man’s son this afternoon; he hadn’t spoken to his dad in 30 years. The son said that he was sorry that I was part of this difficult situation, and though he would love to help with the amount owing, he had just committed to buying an $800,000 house.

Cry me a river.

The son was trying to be helpful, saying that, at least if the pets were surrendered and then adopted out, I could recoup some of my fees. The truth is that I have never charged an adoption fee per se, but I should do it, and decide on some proper policies for these situations.

In hindsight, it would have been smart to go collect the dog and three cats on my own, getting the woman to write a note surrendering the animals to my care. Ah, hindsight, eh? At the time I was almost overwhelmed by work and felt that I couldn’t get away to the location 20 miles from here.

Thanks for listening… I’ll keep you posted.
Love, Ann

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