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“Garden Party” …

My long time friend, my “oldest” friend Debra, has painted me a picture. As you might have gathered, it is christened, ‘Garden Party’.

As usual, one can see a larger image by clicking on a small image.

I am not in possession of the painting yet, but Deb and I have formulated a plan whereby we don’t have to put this precious objet d’art in the mail.

I keep looking at the photos again and again, now that the painting is finished. I can scarcely believe anyone would do this for me. Debra is pleased with how it turned out, as well, and says that if it wasn’t intended for me, she would have a difficult time letting it go.


Debra Gairdner, artist   …     and students Layla & Louis


On a completely unrelated note, I am gnashing my teeth again over a situation involving the RCMP “seizure” of pets from a home. They have not been able to get answers or solutions from the SPCA, and now the officers will not give me a straight response to the question of what I can do (or not do) for the animals. And the detachment has not come up with enough boarding fees to keep the pets after tonight!

Obviously (if you know me), I’m not going to up and kill the dog and two cats. I feel frustrated, though, that I haven’t been brought the correct funding, and I don’t have in writing that I can find new homes for the pets. They are saying that someone needs to attest  that we can find new homes … but the RCMP know that I don’t have contact information for the couple, now separated.

The last time I found myself in a situation like this, I was left to find a home for a beautiful pit bull, only after the boarding bill was over $800. And the RCMP had promised that I wouldn’t get stuck with a bill, but when I submitted it, they shrugged and said that I needed to take it to small claims court.

That was only one such incident of several. What was I to do this time? I didn’t realize that the dog and three cats (one cat is yet to be caught) were abandoned in a house. I can think of a couple of things I could have done differently for the animals … I was asked by the woman to come and pick up the dog and I refused. She had been told by an officer (after her husband was taken into custody) that “Ann will come get the dog and find it a new home”. At the time, I didn’t know about any cats. I was too busy, and it’s not what I do, but I thought the RCMP would take care of things. And by that I mean that I believed the RCMP would collect the dog and deliver it to an SPCA.

Today, I learned of a certain someone who might like to adopt Holly, the hound. I am wanting official permission from the RCMP McBride detachment to let her go if that person actually comes for her.


Holly … now she’s comfortable and quite happy again.

I have a good mind just to do my own thing in the interest of the animals (who seem content now).

Talk to you later!

Love, Ann



2 thoughts on ““Garden Party” …

    • Thank you, Shay. The RCMP stands for our Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which, as a group, are an upstanding law enforcement entity. I get frustrated when they ask for my help with abandoned animals and forget that I have to cover costs and am not subsidized.

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