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Je suis fatigué …

I have been so tired for the last few days. I have fallen asleep in front of the TV (American politics: who wouldn’t?) in the day time, had some trouble with brain fog, feeling heavy on my aching feet feet all the time. What’s going on? Though I like to think of myself as not-a-complainer, I’m venting to you, my friends.

I achieved some momentum earlier in the week. I was telling Gary when we spoke every day that he was away, that I was “cleaning”.  Cleaning was part of it and a happy side effect, but my mission was to PAINT our kitchen. When I got the ceiling and walls of  the kitchen finished, I painted the porch. In the spirit of diplomacy, I ran the idea by my husband a few weeks ago, nonchalant-like. He thought the change might be “refreshing”, but I pretended that I didn’t actually have any plan.

After Gary left last Thursday, it still took a couple of days to get ready to paint. Always, there are at least SOME boarding pets, and our own, to care for. When I started trying to put some items away from flat surfaces in the kitchen, mainly, I became almost overwhelmed. I talked to you about that before; I’d pick up an object and ponder, “When did we use this?” or where in hell did I ever store this, or why on earth did I bring this home from the thrift shop?  I hate to throw away anything, but I will give away things more easily. The thrift shop was happy to have some good, clean used items, and clothing.  Some things, I sold on our local Facebook Buy and Sell page.

I mustn’t stop. I’m not done. In a way, all of this cleaning and purging is part of a “cure”, in which I become more careful about bringing stuff home or letting things accumulate. And as darling Shay said, one day my children will appreciate it.


So I started that post yesterday. I am still tired but pushing myself. Tomorrow is Sunday, and we have brunch in town with our friends, something I look forward to. It has become an inviolable “break” in my week, as much as going to church would be to some.

Last night we attended a wonderful theatre production by our friend Sharon Stearns, and Jude,  a collaborating singer-songwriter, plus a large acting troupe. Gary worked tending bar, and I wasn’t needed to cater snacks, so I simply enjoyed myself. I also treasured three small glasses of wine and some lovely company at my table, cabaret-style.


Tonight I’m planning to attend a fund raiser spaghetti dinner for the local Spay & Neuter Society (also a rescue society, as far as they’re able).

Sunday night is another spaghetti fund raiser for a friend fighting cancer. Just what my hips need … TWO all you can eat pasta nights! Hey, they are for good causes.

The Pet Hostel got busy. Boarding today and up to tomorrow night are dogs Gallant & Patch, Tag & Rory, Lumi & Storm, Timber & Duke, Squeaker & Kelef, Taffi, Duke & Lady, Jasper & Timber, Ajax, Ramone and Sandy, and Holly who was  brought to me by the RCMP today. There are cats Nilly, and a large male cat brought by the same RCMP officer.

Shelly’s little dogs Seltzer and Maya and the cats Rye and Max were here overnight, but home now.  So, just this morning, four pets went home, and seven arrived, leaving 19 dogs and 2 cats.

When I finally consented to doing a small part in helping the RCMP with the “seizure” of some pets, I think the officer was surprised that we are so busy here. He’s a new member in charge of the McBride detachment; he had no idea that I have a history of being taken advantage of,  in some such situations.

How Holly came to stay with us for a little while:


She looks completely miserable in this photo, but she’s actually a happy hound. Undertrained and unsocialized, I think she could make someone a good pet. She is one of dozens of related hound crosses that, unfortunately, have not been in great hands in our Valley, and that is frustrating.


When one of the RCMP vehicles drove into the yard, I was sitting beside Jasper, clipping his nails. He is a wonderful dog for any kind of grooming, but the new vehicle excited him just as I was trying to snap his “portrait”. It made a funny photo! He looks like some fierce protection dog, but he’s just sounding the alarm.


I’ve had some trouble snapping good portraits. Sometimes the subject doesn’t sit still, and more often, I am not good with the camera.

RamoneRye Nilly gallypatchoct2016

At least Max stayed put when I brought the iPhone camera out:


Here’s a better pic of Gallant and Patch:

Gally & Patch

Seltzer & Maya:

Maya & Seltzer

snoopisam Patchy

Sam, the little siamese cat, has become another ambassador for the grooming shop. For the record, Smokey is out hunting, so Sam is not stealing her “job”.


Ajax, a big, beautiful favourite.

Sandy Greenhough Sandy Greenhough

Above is Sandy, a beautiful golden retriever.

Beau Jacques

This is Beau, who is suffering from a mass in his thorax. Sometimes his breathing is labored, and now he is very unsteady on his feet. He seems more comfortable and stable if he is sheared very short, very often. This is breaking his owners’ hearts, and mine also.

Last weekend, when I cleaned the guinea pig cage, I thought it could be bath time for Taffy. She is not impressed with baths, but was rewarded well with romaine.

Taffy pig

Gary was away last week on his annual Farrier’s Conference in Chilliwack. On his way home, he visited in Nelson with Beth, Mike, and Juno…


I must get ready for the fundraiser dinner. One day soon, I’ll show you the paint colour of the kitchen (if I have time to put more clutter away for the picture!). And one day soon, I’m going to share an image of an original painting done JUST FOR ME by my childhood friend in Ontario. I could not be more pleased and honoured.

Take care, everyone!

Love, Ann

p.s. I don’t have time right now to proofread the post. Sorry for errors.


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