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Happy Friday, everyone!

Hope you all have a good weekend. Friday’s almost over, I realize.

It has been a very pleasant day. Slept until 7, took care of dogs, and then made and had breakfast and coffee with my Shelly.

We have boarders Sheena & Kylie, Axel, Carly, Baxter, Sandy, Rosie and Festus tonight.  Chester just went home.

The lovely ginger tom cat went to the Spay & Neuter Society. My friend Chris, who founded the society, is spread so thin.

I had two sweet little dogs to groom today: tiny elderly Squeak, and another favourite, Fanny Mae. Smokey was around, seemingly interested in comforting Squeak, and when she wandered off, little Sam took her place!

Squeak Quam

squeaksmokey squeaksam


Fanny Mae

The two cats have acted indifferent to each other, with the occasional growl or hiss.


I haven’t taken many pictures of the current guests, sorry.

In the house, I have been trying to “downsize”, go figure. When I brought out some glassware for Thanksgiving dinner (although it was a casual dinner for just five), it struck me again how many dishes and how much “stuff”  that I have. Although I don’t have “collections” with particular themes exactly, I have a penchant for certain materials and looks.

I started with some criteria. If I hadn’t used it in decades, forgot where it had come from, or forgot that I even owned it, an item was more likely to end up on the McBride Buy And Sell Facebook page. The danger is that, in washing or polishing an object, I might love it again.

While listing and selling things like crystal, I have been called “brave”, “strong”, and even “wise” (for having criteria). The struggle is real. I am hoping I don’t miss the glassware too much, or any other good junk.



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