Every day so interesting …

This has been a quieter day than many, and now that it is 4 pm, I’m content to turn on Netflix, stoke the fire and put my feet up.

Oops, spoke too soon… then three more customers arrived.

I had this big boy to shear short and shampoo today. Snoopy is 125 pounds and was as gentle as can be. Although his owner reports that her dog can act like a “greaser” (thug) with other dogs, or strangers on his property, he shook like a leaf until I had hugged him enough and reassured him and “massaged” (clipped and bathed) him.
The reason that he was shaved down was that Snoopy comes from the same home as Lika (see yesterday’s post), but I found very few lice. Still, it was a good thing to do, and great work for me. And again, thank goodness for the lift table!



I accepted this tom cat at my facility this morning, on the condition that he will be picked up tomorrow by Chris of the Spay & Neuter Society. Then, a Mennonite spinster lady called about getting a mother cat and four kittens picked up by Chris. There is a limit! People need to take more responsibility… often the people who ask the most help from the Society are those who don’t donate even when they can.


This afternoon, before I was finished with Snoopy, I got a phone call from a lady who was leaving her husband very soon. She was told by the RCMP in Valemount that I would take her dog and find it a different home. I felt stressed and disturbed that this poor lady had been abused for years and that she was assured that I would take the dog, but I said I couldn’t. I have met the dog, and feel that I didn’t know of anyone who could address its special needs. The cops, I hope, will find a ride for the dog to a shelter. I might have to have a talk with the officers, so that they remember I’m not a rescue facility or shelter.

It has been a day of various and sundry tasks and experiences. Even though I said it had been a sort of quiet day, I feel weary.

The little siamese kitten remains unclaimed. Gary said that he didn’t mind if I keep it. I believe I shall call the cat, “Sam”, and I don’t know why. To me, he just looks like Sam the Siamese. I don’t know how long he had been wandering and crying, but he has been eating and drinking a lot since arriving, and then sleeps soundly, except when he is exploring and playing with cat toys and snuggling with catnip. The kitten is so trusting it’s amazing; will sleep anywhere, even underfoot:


Just because (because she is doing well), here is a picture of McKenna, Shelly’s dog who “retired” here:


Dear old gal, we think she is 16 years now.

Even better than all the pet pictures, here are a few of our Juno!

img_0418 img_0420 img_0421 img_0422

To us, she is so beautiful that we are almost speechless. Gary gets to go see the gang next week.

Take care, everyone!



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