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Happy Cat Week at the Pet Hostel …

This has been an odd week. I have taken in four stray kittens, and thanks to Facebook, have found the rightful owners for three of them. There were two from one household.


The above two pictures don’t look like the same cat, but they are. Friends who have seen this kitten say that he’s a “ragdoll”, a balinese, siamese or Egyptian mau. I say that he’s unlikely to be purebred, or even purchased as purebred, but he IS a beautiful cat in looks and spirit.


These two are half-grown brothers who cried for days outside a house which was about a mile from their home. We were beginning to wonder if some cad was dropping off litters, but the boys were claimed by a very relieved owner who believed they had been taken by a predator (not an unreasonable assumption!).


All of these cats were very hungry, cold and scared when brought here. Once they were warm and fed, they each purred almost constantly and slept soundly for long periods of time. The nights have been very cold lately, but not indoors at the Pet Hostel!

When people tell me that they have been missing their kittens for many days, I do wonder why they didn’t phone us, or call sooner. I don’t always take in “found” pets, but often hear of them and make a note of the calls. It makes me happy when I help reunite cats or dogs with their owners, even if I haven’t allowed the pets to be dropped off here. I’ve been in the Valley doing the “pet business” for 32 years, so it would make sense to let us know about missing or found pets.

The whole scenario causes me some stress. I don’t want many pets to remain unclaimed, and there is potential for heartbreak if I adopt a pet to someone and then the “rightful” owner calls. The tiny tabby kitten above was claimed by his family, but was described as a calico, because that’s what the man thought that coat pattern is. That one was found a long way out of McBride and a different friend was almost counting on adopting it.

Nothing but happy results this week, as it turns out. Because Gilbert has not been seen, we are down to just one cat (Smokey), so I’m thinking that maybe the little siamese has to stay with us. I will, of course, ask Gary what he thinks.

Had coffee this morning with the founder of the Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society. We talk about everything under the sun. Chris also boards and grooms pets in nearby Valemount, and we laugh about being competition for each other, and about customers who go back and forth between us. It is good comradery.

After coffee time, I went over to Rose’s at my rental house. She had left a phone message just before Thanksgiving, telling me that we need to talk about the “electricity” in the house. When, after several attempts, I got her to answer her phone, she was still vague, and then I insisted that I needed to know whether to meet an electrician at the house.

When I went there this morning with my tools and stepladder, the matter was solved by replacing  FOUR burned out light bulbs. There is nothing else pressing about the electrical system at the house. I was glad to help, of course, and there is nothing else “electrical” that I am qualified to do on my own.

I groomed this large guy on Tuesday, “Lika”. The malemute had a problem with lice, and though he had been treated by the vet (for itch, and/or infection prevention), the recommendation by his doctor was for Lika to be sheared short and shampooed throroughly. I was into it! And the dog … completely docile and loving.


On the weekend we had a full house indoors, and hardly anyone in the outdoor kennels.


Ramone in my arms


Chester on his beautiful bed

I was busy … sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone.

This being Wednesday, most dogs who were here on Thanksgiving weekend have gone home. But we will have a great run of wonderful dogs again this weekend!

Tomorrow I am shearing and bathing another family dog from Valemount for lice. I am told that this one is well over 100 lb., so I hope I can get him on my lift table and keep him there for the duration. Once on the table, it is an easy step down into the bathtub (and back out) for any dog … what did I ever do without it?

It’s time to fetch supper (from the oven). Hope you, my friends, are all well. It always makes my day that you read my blog.



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