Life and Pets

I’m on fire!

No dammit, I am not on fire myself, but dinner was.

After lovingly applying a beautiful spicy rub to a chunk of brisket, and babysitting it all afternoon, only having to quench one fire in the BBQ, I decided to nudge the heat up just a little. I also wanted the roast vegetables to be cooked through.

I had been setting my iPhone timer for 20 minutes over and over, and going out to check the dinner at least that often, over and over. I had increased the heat on two burners so minimally that I thought it safe to go peel a few more cloves of garlic for preserving.

How wrong was I? Even before the timer chimed, I grabbed a pot holder for the tray of vegetables, and a plate for the meat. Then I realized that flames in the BBQ were visible from the back steps, and I hurried to rescue the food.

Pfft. The potatoes, leeks and garlic were blackened, and I actually had to dowse the brisket. After that, dinner consisted of rice from yesterday, mixed homegrown vegetables (steamed on the stove), and slices of meat mined from a charred lump.

vegetablesburnt brisketburnt

The most bitter taste was that the brisket was $32.  Oh well, that’s life.

Other than this episode of McBride’s Worst Barbecuer, my day was pretty appetizing!

After the care of Sheena & Kylie, Jasper & Timber, and Smudge, I had a cute little new client to groom. Sprocket’s young owners explained that the dog simply showed up on their doorstep some time ago.

There was something about Sprocket’s “spa” morning that I had never experienced in 32 years of pet grooming. The wee gaffer went various stages of berserk when I started clipping his toenails, but reacted almost not at all for the Dremel tool! I’ve handled lots of dogs who were okay or good for the claw scissors, but lose their cool when I try to file and buff. So Sprocket got all of his nails properly shortened with very little fuss (once I was “trained!), simply by filing with the rotary tool for several minutes on each nail. Smokey hung around, offering reassurance.

Sprocket Widell & Smokey sprocketsmokiesprocket

Another funny thing was that the young man who brought the dog was someone I knew from when I lived at Dunster. In my mind, he was still a cherubic toddler, and now well over six feet tall, broad shouldered, handsome, and best if all, still kind of cherubic in looks and manners. Beau might be one tough, accomplished, worldly dude, but he still had a pleasant face and a great chuckle.

After that token bit of work, I went into McBride to pick up a couple of items advertised in Facebook, delivered some garlic, then out to Stanley’s Woodworking and Upholstery. I needed a rest by this time, and was glad to meet my friend for lunch.

Jasper and Timber went home tonight.

jasperchiupka2 timber04-2016

We have Smudge for another day or so.


I was happy to see these fabulous two and to board them for a few days:

Sheena & Kylie Hughes

Tomorrow we’ll have another couple of arrivals for the Thanksgiving weekend, but it won’t be a full house like we get for some long weekends. That’s fine also … more love and attention for a small crowd.

That’s the full report for the day. I’m going to put my feet up and peel some more garlic, because the treat de rigueur (at least for here) is roasted garlic, frozen for later use. We have now sold almost every bit of hundreds of pounds of garlic; I need to sit and calculate how much. Last night I got a phonecall from my eldest cousin Nancy, to whom I had sent several pounds of the savory stuff to share with her siblings: it felt like I had bought them the moon. She was so thrilled.

Take care everyone. I love that you read this blog. Hope you are all okay.

Love, Ann


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