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Little darlings …

Shih Tzus and Shih Tzu cross dogs are the mainstays of my grooming business. It used to be that poodles and cockapoos were my most frequent clients. It’s funny how breed popularity changes over time. I love most individual dogs, regardless of breed, so I don’t care how the trends go.

Monday was just for little Hanni and Ryza:




Today I had FOUR Shih Tzu type doggies: Sara, Sophie, Roxie and Brutus. It was my intention to take a great “before” picture of each one, and then a good “after” picture of each. The only acceptable photographic history of the day was the before-and-after of Brutus. All four of the darlings were well behaved. They are related, and I groom a few of the progeny of Sara and Sophie who belong to various human friends as well. Each of them has some hilarious posturing and behaviours, such as ducking and dodging or flattening their bodies so that I can’t shave their bellies.

It’s difficult to explain, but is very funny how the peculiar “avoidance” gestures are common to all the related dogs. Still, they are ALL sweet … no snapping for anything, and they are all amazingly calm for nail clipping and dremeling.

Brutus Will

Brutus “before”

Brutus Will

Brutus “after”, cuddling with me

I wasn’t finished with dog grooming until 2:30, after which I was too tired to stack wood, go into town, or to do much of anything. I declared it to be coffee break, and I haven’t accomplished anything except to organize supper.

Last night the dog named Tipsin was turned in to the Pet Hostel. There was a bit of drama in Facebook over this; many people chimed in about this dog running outside of town and around town so frequently. I was judgemental as well, but not so much about the dog, who can’t help himself, or even the owner, who loves his dog but hasn’t organized a neutering and doesn’t think tying the dog is kind, but people who assume I should take in any stray without at least a donation. It is up to me to make a rule that someone pays board or some fee in these cases. I didn’t want to learn that Tipsin was killed on the highway after I turned him away, so he spent the night here. Owner claimed him this morning, and paid.


Squeaker spent a few days here this week. She is an anxious and energetic young German Shepherd, but is very little trouble anyway.


I nabbed this picture from a peer in Facebook … a brilliant solution for dogs who are frightened of the high velocity blow dryer. Photo credit, groomer Lexie Barbier.


I need to go put the finishing touches on dinner: creole pork, with rice and broccoli. To whet your appetite, here is a picture of the latest batch of roasted garlic:

Roast Garlic

Roast Garlic

Bye for now!

~ Ann

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