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Life with dogs … 

Every day is different. As I’ve told you before, I don’t mind that it is “slower” these Fall days at the Pet Hostel.

We are boarding Shelly’s little dogs and big cats for a few days. Also, Sadie & Nellie, Festus, Hunter, Maggie, Roxie & Abby, and Baxter. Briley stays here at night only, and spends his days in the bush with his owner. New customers brought their beautiful female black lab for a short stay.

Seltzer found a BIG knuckle bone in the large exercise yard. I let him enjoy it for awhile … the bone is one of those ones that is flavoured, sanitized and shrink wrapped for sale to the pet adoring public; I knew it wouldn’t hurt the little guy. Seltzer looks as if he is guarding this prize from his own shadow!

Seltzer with a bone

Kara Wellwood


I don’t have many days “off” unless I leave McBride. That is not to say that I work hard … I don’t… but I almost always feel like I’m on duty or on alert. That is just how it should be, while I have the responsibility of others’ pets.

On Wednesday, I took my truck in for an oil change and going-over. While in town, I visited the “little house” where, weeks ago, I had a load of fine gravel delivered. I know from experience that a lawn will grown on such material, but at some point I will have to spread it over the yard. Or get it done some way else. I spent an hour raking, shoveling and wheelbarrowing the gravel around; the work is tedious and I don’t have the patience and stamina for this. A neighbour teasingly exclaimed, “You’re doing that the hard way!”. I barely made a dent in the pile.

The big gravel pile at the little house Me at the gravel pile

I do have plenty of hours off here and there, or even half days off, where I put a note on the kennel door including my cell phone number, go for lunch or coffee with a friend, shop, or take garbage to the transfer station . I’m used to this. This week I had the great fortune of stumbling across Mary’s “birthday party” at her place of work: there was amaretto layer cake!

My littlest daughter plans to be in town for the weekend… hurray! Kim and a couple of friends will stay at my little house, but of course we’ll get to see her too.


Way back around Tuesday, I groomed this chubby pomeranian, Niko. The dog’s owner has debated with me about the price for grooming, and that’s really all I want to say here, but this has bothered me. On this occasion, Niko was quite tangly, even matted in spots, and his owner is adamant that the dog’s butt not be sheared short. I rendered the dog silky, clean, and without a knot or matt. The owner seemed very happy.

"Oh is he matted?""Okay, shave my tummy."nikkoface

Niko is one of the most pleasant, biddable dogs I groom… see how he lies on his side, offering all his spots for combing and brushing. He doesn’t yelp or struggle for nails. I love Niko. I even got all that thick mess sorted out on his “butt”, mainly because the dog is so patient.

Maggie is still in our care. She’s an active and cheerful young adult. I bought her a chew-resistant toy when I was at Costco last week with Shelly, and this is what she did with it:

Maggie's chew resistant toy

This is what she does with her dig-resistant kennel:


It’s difficult to see what is going on in these two pictures; the destroyed toy is the same colour as the weathered shavings. Maggie had brand new bright shavings when I gave her this kennel, but she has churned up almost every square foot. No harm is done, it simply doesn’t look as pretty.

The hole that she is sitting beside (or cavorting around) is very deep: deep enough to sink a shih tzu in, or for her care-giver to break an ankle. I busied myself filling all such holes, and we will see how many are dug in the morning.

Gary has his own digging to do at this time of year. He has tilled the garden again in preparation for garlic planting, always done in the Fall.


There’s the motley report for a day or two.

I love you for reading my blog.

~ Ann

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