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The cat came back …

On Sunday before breakfast in town, I was grooming a boarding dog, and the phone rang. The son of an acquaintance had interacted with a cat at a local “Cardlock” station (in this case, a remote fuel depot) and deemed the animal to be “caked with mud and very thin”.

I told the caller (the guy’s mom) that I would house the cat, if it was indeed in need of being rescued, until my friend Chris, a founder of the local “Spay and Neuter Society”, could pick it up.

After our breakfast, the tom cat was dropped off here, and immediately I noticed that it seemed very well cared for and well socialized. No mud was evident. Hmm.

The location of the cat was already noted in a thread in Facebook. There was a possibility, I agreed, that this was a pet that had been dumped. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this animal had not needed rescuing, that we had “cat-napped” an animal that had a home, or at least a neighbourhood.

Confined in a large kennel in my building, this gentle soul was sad. He would eat and curl up to watch the goings-on, use the litter box and gaze around, looking for a possible exit. When we made eye contact, or I went into his space to pet him, the cat would clown around or sometimes just meow plaintively. It’s different for a boarding cat … we know that they will get accustomed to their confines and an owner returns for them.

So I added to the drama on Facebook, asking if anyone knew more of the cat’s story. One fellow posted, “He was home!”. Then I truly felt I had been complicit in a wrongful pet collection. So I said in Facebook what I intended to do, and this morning Shelly and I drove Mr. Kitty back to his familiar ‘hood. He has many friends in that vicinity and was not in need of rescue.

Today I groomed an old canine friend belonging to a human pal who has moved away from McBride. The young man had taken his “best friend” to a grooming shop in another province, and there they had just shaved Buddy’s butt and belly and charged $100. Jon said to himself, “Nope… next time he’s going to Annie’s”.

Buddy got dematted and brushed very thoroughly, shampooed twice and conditioned, blown dry and nails trimmed.

What are the odds that I happened to have this wonderful product for my project: Buddy’s spa day?


Sunday morning I groomed this little beauty for an hour before our breakfast in town, and then in two more sessions as my time allowed. I wish I had taken a “before” photo, as though I don’t want to humiliate anyone over a grooming issue, Cara was very matted when she arrived. Her “boys” (young men in her family) hardly recognized her and seemed overjoyed with the transformation.

In case you’re wondering, Cara’s face is approximately “breed standard” for a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. The rest of the dog had to be sheared quite short, but I did as even a job as I could. Her body is lean and athletic, and without all the matts and fluff, she looked like a gazelle!

I babysat Max, the African Grey Parrot, for a few days. He doesn’t change much, but is unfailingly entertaining to me.


This neat dog has arrived and will stay with us just for the nights that his owner works in the Valley … but during the days he goes to work with his human!


Briley is a Karelian Bear Dog.

Angel Williams


Molly Wlliams


Lady snoring

Lady, snoring


This is something I did in the kitchen this evening… roasted some garlic. During the day, I peeled cloves of garlic, trying to make each morsel spotless. Then I tossed the cloves in lemon juice, drained that, and then drizzled with olive oil and stirred that up. They went onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and into the oven at 350˚ for about 40 minutes.

Most people roast whole heads of garlic, then squeeze each clove to eat the contents. I’ve found that a lot of the garlic stays within the skins that way. So I do things my own way.

Then I freeze the delicious roasted garlic, ready to use.

Speaking of freezing, the freezer door was temporarily left ajar by a tote bag handle getting stuck in it. This had probably been since Thursday, and I did not notice the appliance running overtime. The food is all still frozen solid, nothing is wasted, but did I ever get a shock when I opened the door this afternoon!


Some day when I have the time and strength, I will “de-ice” or defrost the freezer without thawing any food. Maybe I need to dip every item in a bin of cold water and dry it off?


I just realized that I entitled this blog post, “The cat came back …” . We returned the stray cat. Gilbert, sadly, is not back yet.

All for now. Thanks for visiting.

Love, Ann





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