Life and Pets

Heading into the weekend …

Yesterday was a phenomenal day … Shelly and I ran away to Prince George just for retail therapy. She had a list, I had a list, and away we went.

We rocked quite a few stops: breakfast at Tim Horton’s, drop off donations at SPCA, shop for pet supplies at two big stores, quick trip through a dollar store, big Costco trip (still sticking to lists) and Costco lunch, Winners, Value Village and home.

Sounds like it should have taken just a couple of hours, eh? It took several hours in mid-day, and of course it takes two and a half hours to get to the city and the same to return home. So it was exhausting, no matter how efficient we believed we were.

We chatted and laughed and had such a good time. I love having a daughter living close by, and miss the others dreadfully.

Today, I just scheduled one dog to groom. Ladybug is a heavy cocker spaniel and an awkward lift for me. She is not snarky, but it is a rare cocker who is entirely cooperative. At least this visit, Ladybug didn’t poop on my grooming table or on me.


Tomorrow I have a new boarder arriving (who also needs grooming), and a memorial to attend. Later in the day, I have another new boarder coming. I feel stressed when I need to be away from the house, and Gary is away from the house too, and there are new people wanting to drop off (or pick up). I’ve checked with both parties and they have my cell number… we can do this.

And on Sunday we have our regularly scheduled breakfast with friends, and then another memorial! Both of these “celebrations of life” are for people about our age, so that’s sobering. At the grocery store today, I heard of two more locals who had died, and then I went to visit my renter Rose and discovered that her son, 57 years old, had died.

Damn it, this has got to stop!

This weekend at the Pet Hostel, we have Sadie & Nellie, Emerson & Ruger, Baxter, Shadow, Maggie and Taffi.

I have lost business because of the newly enforced requirement for the Kennel Cough inoculation, but it does seem that people are getting used to the idea. Some folks respect me for the policy and understand that it protects everyone. Most dogs from the larger towns and the cities are already up to date with the Bordatella “shot”. It has made me feel weary explaining kennel cough to so many potential customers, or even long time customers with whom I’ve never discussed the ailment, but I am getting so I don’t feel so sheepish about the situation. As both Shelly and Gary have said, “It was just a matter of time …”. It seems that kennel cough is rampant in northern B.C. right now, and it’s obviously not my fault.

I belong to several Facebook groups that lend camaraderie and support for boarding kennel owners, and many are saying that there are outbreaks of kennel cough even all over the U.S.! Thank goodness that it is generally a mild, self-limiting disease which runs its course in a couple of weeks.

Some time ago (about a month), Susan visited with us and then made her way to Nelson to see Juno, her little niece. Don’t they both look so happy and confident?  They appear to be sharing a little joke.


This is Rosie, who I groomed last weekend. She’s a regular, and a favourite:


Smokey, of course loves Rosie, and the warm wind from the dryer, and attention from me. Or all of those things.

Goodnight, my dears.

Love, Ann


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