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This ‘n’ that …

Yes,  I realize that most of my posts are a motley assortment of thoughts and news items. While not quite as random as my blog may seem, every day seems full of such a variety of tasks and experiences.

We finally captured the toad in the basement! I was worried about him. Gary had spotted the creature and tried to catch it before he (Gary) went on vacation, and who knows how long the toad had been down there. We have no idea how it got there.


So during dozens of trips to the basement freezer while I processed garden produce, random occasional checks with lights on and lights off (walking carefully, with a flashlight), having moved some junk, and carefully un-setting the mousetraps on the floor, I did not glimpse my amphibious friend. I put a non-tipping dog dish with water in it, right out in the open, and I could see that it had been used. But what’s a guy to eat? I couldn’t imagine how the toad survived.

Finally, one day, Gary called, “Do you want this frog?”.  I vaulted from the easy chair, quickly glanced around for a gardening glove and found none, and went downstairs to liberate the poor wee thing. I’m not a vet, but I observed that the toad was scared, thin, and appeared greener than any toad I’d seen before.

I gently placed the toad in a shallow grassy ditch in the back yard. By the time I got back with a new, clean bowl of warm water, he had vanished, so now I can only hope he’s okay and finding enough to eat.

Speaking of vanishing, I haven’t seem Gilbert for weeks. I’m not going to make this into a big drama, but it is disheartening not to know what has become of her. She and Smokey did not get along, but we would see one or the other at a time, several times daily. Gilbert is (or was) old, but was apparently in good health. I do not want another cat, though many are in need.


We are coming to the end of the harvest, save for the Brussels sprouts, corn, and a few carrots and potatoes. There is still much to do, though the focus has changed from harvest to clean-up, firewood, and so on. Y’know … fall tasks.

At the Pet Hostel, we have Shadow, Pepper, and Maggie. Razz and Squeaker went home today. These are quieter times, but as I mentioned before, I feel like I need a break of sorts.

Pepper gives me kisses when I go into his space and sit on his bed.

Pepper Mastronardi











I’ve found it difficult to stay awake for half this day. I only had one little dog, Hanna, to groom, and worked cleaning floors and other surfaces in the kennel building, but not much else. I’m hoping that tomorrow I can “hit my stride” again.



We received some new pictures of Juno, but they are still on Gary’s phone. Will share later!


Love, Ann

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