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Yummy stuff …

Oh, my goodness, there is SO much to eat around here! While we’ve been growing and preserving food, and buying local meat, I have too many options for meals, including desserts.

I simply had to render the home-rendered lard into pastry. I didn’t go hog wild. For Shelly, I made Fireball Whiskey pumpkin pie, and for Gary, apple pie. I am not choosy about pie and love most kinds. In fact, I enjoy cooking and eating so much that it is difficult to keep my weight under control. By some standards, I’m not entirely successful, but I do try.


apple pie

In the Pet Hostel, I feel like I’m still recovering and digging out and catching up from the busy summer. This is not a complaint: it is a blessing that I love my work and it affords an income, and I can’t foresee the day I’ll want to retire. I am grateful for some slow times, too.

We have our darling Shadow, who is no trouble ever. Pepper, a little schnauzer, is staying for a few days. He is on antibiotics, but gobbles his pill twice daily in cheese.


Jasper and Timber are visiting. Blitzen came to stay just a day, but I was warned… he had an altercation with a skunk last weekend! Blitzen family avers that they have bathed him enough this week, more than he had ever been bathed in his life! I didn’t think the dog smelled badly at all, but I didn’t get too close at the time he was dropped off. At any rate, I have a pretty strong stomach for these kinds of things.

Jasper04-2016 Timber04-2016blitzen

Oliver went home tonight. He is a good boy,  most pleasant. One night, as I walked back to the house after 11pm “bed check”, Oliver let out the saddest wail. Partly because this tugged at my heart, and partly that we can’t have a dog howl throughout the night, I went back with one of my winter jackets and tucked that around him.  Oliver was quiet all night.


Shelly and I went for lattes today. Many people recognize her, now that she has moved back to the Valley, and as we sat beside a large window by the sidewalk, she was smiled at and waved at steadily.

I’ve had modest success selling extra potatoes and carrots … thank goodness for Facebook! Our own freezers are full, and even if I was not tired of processing food (I am), we have more than enough for a year.

Love, Ann


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