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Saturday …

It has been a very good day.

Fall harvest continues. This evening, I used my trusty apple corer/slicer machine from Lee Valley Tools to make short work of another bucket of apples. Every year I forget how much time is saved by setting up this little gadget.


It is difficult to tell in the photo, but many of the Honey Crisp apples are bigger than my fist.

Chester came back to visit us. He is an elderly Staffordshire Terrier (of the old type … not a pit bull). He seems pretty composed, but certainly enjoys his share of the attention. Today he got an extra measure of scratches and reassurance from Gary.


These two are a great pair from one family. Rory aka “Lootie” is a purebred Cairn Terrier, and “Tag” is a young English Setter from fine hunting stock.


Tonight, Saturday night in the Robson Valley, I am watching the series ‘Breaking Bad’ on Netflix, for about the third time straight through. As is my usual habit, I sleep through many episodes. Perhaps I will open a bag of potato chips, just to make the evening wild.



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