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Slowing, slowing down …

It’s a beautiful evening, and for once I don’t feel completely wasted. Why yes, I am lying on the couch while chatting to you, my friends, but I feel more satisfied with the day and less defeated.


This week I posted a For Sale ad in the McBride Facebook Buy & Sell page, offering for sale some of the carrot and potato crop. We are fast running out of freezer space. Gary and I occasionally “brainstorm” the garden plan: more peas? fewer beets? more garlic? … and so on. Sell potatoes, buy steak.


It’s a fairly quiet weekend at the Pet Hostel. We are dealing with some incidences of kennel cough (after dogs leave here) and that has been stressful and worrisome. That is not WHY there are few boarders, just a coincidence. Sometimes the week that children go back to school is quieter. I don’t mind, and feel like it’s a “break”for me.

I continue to clean and bleach surfaces and disinfect dog dishes and bedding as usual.  Maybe a little more than usual, and have been assertive about dogs being up to date on all vaccinations. I can’t sterilize the outdoor runs or the whole atmosphere.  The situation will cause me less anxiety as time goes on.

Nothing else is too new here. Gary got home from his long-planned and well deserved adventure. Right away everything seemed more caught up and under control.


I groomed Inky today … oh those ears! I have never handled a dog with such cartilaginous ear flaps, and I guess that’s why they stay firmly upright under the weight of all the fur! He’s a papillon. I have to apply a soft muzzle to Inky so that we can remain friends while I clip and file his nails.


Nash is a handsome Golden Retriever, pleasant and biddable (very well trained).


This was a night time shot of the chocolate lab, Lady. She and her dad, Duke, stay with us quite regularly, but I have a hard time getting them to sit still and close together in order to get a better picture.


Benji came for his spa day yesterday. He is perfect for everything, nails included. Even his owners are ultra polite.

One of my long time regular customers who is also a friend brought me these, from Princess Auto. Although she cautions me about talking about tips in my Blog, I feel that I have to give a shout out to this most awesome and useful of gifts. I use these light-weight carabiners to fasten every dog water bucket to a fence, to prevent spilling. A bouquet of clips!


One of the garden treasures we have too much of are the crabapples. I planted one of the “leftover” trees back in the days that I had nursery stock. I’m trying to give the fruit away at this time … but aren’t those little guys pretty? We don’t eat enough crabapple jelly to be bothered. I should make wine but I just don’t want to.


I need to perform the nighttime check of the guests.


~ Ann

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