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Counting blessings, or garlic bulbs…

Oh, thank goodness, the last of the garlic is cleaned. We have marketed quite a bit already, but there is plenty to peddle yet. There are about 30 small heads and some of what I call “anomalies” that will be great for our own use … taste great but are not nice looking. Those don’t need cleaning, so we are DONE!


One of my doggy customers asked if we plan to plant even more next year; I say that maybe Gary should plant less. On the other hand, I feel that we don’t need more space for all the other regular produce such as peas, beans, root vegetables and salad greens.

It’s quiet again at the Pet Hostel. Today Belle, Jasper & Timber, Sadie, Pluto and Ajax went home. We have Seltzer & Maya, Gus, Norton, Nash and Stella, and Shelly’s cats for the time being.

Belle was a little scalawag: quiet as a mouse, reserved and shy, she ate well, but watched me warily. When I reached to pet her beautiful head, she reached to bite me. So I treated Belle very matter-of-factly and took care of her needs and gave her her space.


Norton was healing from a run-in with a stick before he was brought for boarding. I told his owner that I was comfortable with anything the little terrier needed, and would also watch for signs that he needed more vet care.


The day after Norton arrived, it was time to take his drainage tube out, and today I took the rest of the stitches out. The healing wound has not been bothering the dog, so I quit making him wear his Elizabethan collar (cone) and his infant T-shirt.

In case you were wondering, Norton’s physician knew that he would be at the Pet Hostel, and that I would be performing these minor procedures. I do not normally do any vet work.

Shelly spent a couple of days here this week, between night shifts and recovering from night shifts. Most of her waking hours were spent, you guessed it, cleaning garlic. Thank you, Shelly!

Sunday breakfast was fun, and the rest of the day, fairly routine. I have barely made a dent in the latest wheelbarrow full of vegetables, but will keep “at it”.


Hope you are all well.

Love, Ann

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