Weary again so soon …

Today is, according to Facebook at least, World Dog Day. Every day is dog day in my life, and I am so lucky.

Even so, I just said to Shelly that it must be the combination of getting up extra early, and the chopping of many onions: I’ve felt tearful most of the day.

Two of the nicest dogs ever came for grooming today.  They didn’t wear me out or try my patience.

BuddyRobson2016 SnowyBust2016

You might take my word for this … the little blond dog’s face was evened out before she went home. The border collie is “Buddy”, a beautiful soul in a doggy body.

We have twelve boarders now that two have gone home. Even just fourteen dogs means that I take a lot of steps to feed, water, medicate (only two), clean up after, and reassure.

It struck  me today what a crappy job I had done of the lawn mowing, and I haven’t got back to tidy up the edges with the smaller lawn mower nor the weed wacker. There is a huge pile of apple tree branches from my guerilla pruning, which should be removed. Still feel overwhelmed. Paddock needs cleaning again. Garlic still isn’t finished.

A friend and I were talking about the desire to simplify now that we are looking at our senior years. I would like to revisit that conversation with Lisa, as we were both too busy to chat very long then, and we were interrupted by a customer of mine driving in.

I feel like it should feel like we’ve simplified here already. I am ever grateful that I don’t need to leave home to work any more, after turning  the pages on cooking, housecleaning, chambermaiding, clerking, and a short career as a paramedic. I even had a craft gallery for a year. After quite a few years of selling jam, produce and homemade lunches at the local farmer’s markets, I decided that was all too frenetic all the time.

I also sold perennials and nursery stock (trees and shrubs) from home and at the markets, for a decade. I was enormously relieved to turn the page on that business as well. I’ve turned a lot of pages, haven’t I?

All these businesses and enterprises and pursuits afforded a bit of profit, sometimes more than a little. But there’s only so much of me (us) to go around!

I need to “call it a night” early. Thank you for visiting my blog.


~ Ann





2 thoughts on “Weary again so soon …

  1. Im just wondering if this used to be a vets.
    I was there as a volunteer in 1986 and lived with the vet and his wife and small childen for a couple weeks.

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