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Stop the vegetables, I wanna get off!

It’s always the same in August; I get tired of processing food. I know that we are happy and grateful for it in the winter time, and maybe healthier and a little “richer” for it, too.

As I get older and perhaps lazier but minimally smarter, I am able to keep in mind what we’ll enjoy or want to give as gifts. Much of the time, it’s about limiting quantity, for example, we might eat or “gift” six little jars of dilly beans, but not two dozen in a year. I don’t sell jam or jelly any more, so how much do I need to make? Not very much.

The peas are almost finished, beans harvested and frozen. There are many potatoes, carrots and beets to deal with, also onions and leeks. Earlier this week I noticed that the later apples (Honey Crisp and Battleford) will soon be ready, and the plums were ripe “right now”. That was a bonus, if I choose to look at it that way… our young plum tree yielded about 12 pounds of delicious fruit. I have frozen most of the plums already, and made a small plum crisp.

Pembina plums 2016

There is still garlic to be cleaned: we don’t use tons of garlic ourselves, but while we can sell all that we grow, we’re motivated to plant a lot of it. Then we have to stay motivated to clean and market it.

I made a bold move yesterday. It seemed like I might NEVER get around to washing windows ever again. Housework is not much of a priority for me, but I have been feeling almost tearful when I notice how filthy the windows are in the house and the kennel building too.

I called a guy who advertises on Facebook. He and his helper visited yesterday evening, and we did a walk around the buildings. I tried not to crumble when Kerry said, “Oh, yes, they are VERY dirty!”. The man gave me a quote that I could live with, and I don’t know when they will do the work.

This morning was mostly taken up with animal care and dog grooming. I’m always glad to see Zippy for his spa day. The little dog cracks me up: lies on his side while I shear his heavy coat, and lets me turn him gently like a pancake to clip the other side. He’ll stretch each leg out in turn as if the clippers are massaging him, and holds each paw still while I scissor between pads and trim the nails. He offers kisses, and never any protest or bullshit.

It looks like this weekend will be another busy one. Again, I remind myself that this is what I “signed up for”.  It seems like the business has hit its stride just in time for me to contemplate retirement. I know I’m repeating myself in my Blog… sorry to those who read each post.

Time’s awastin’ … I need to get back outside while it is beautiful out. I would like to be able to report to Gary that I’ve mowed the lawn in his absence. It poured rain on the day that I was first planning the job, and now the lawns have had time to dry.

The wheelbarrow of vegetables will have to wait until later.


The day was spent with Shadow as my shadow. She went everywhere with Lady, McKenna and I. Eventually we rested.


I did indeed get the lawn mowed. I didn’t have any trouble starting the mower or keeping it running, and veered sharply at one point, saving a toad from a gruesome demise, at least on this day.

Then I cleaned the horse’s paddock. Isn’t this a great juxtaposition of manure and a pretty wildflower? It just happened that way.


I need to get showered and to sleep. Hope you are all well, my friends.

~ Ann


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