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Happy Monday … oops, Happy Tuesday

From yesterday:

I can’t believe it is August 22 already. The summer has been beautiful, fruitful and dare I say, prosperous (prosperity being relative, of course). Once can’t help but count their blessings.

It has been a busy Monday, despite the rain. Little Molly was dropped off and shortly after, I was due to fetch Snickers from town. I groomed the two small dogs and wondered why I was feeling shaky and grouchy by 1pm., then realized that I hadn’t eaten a thing yet. I found some time and something to eat before I delivered the little guys back to their respective owners.

Chloe2016 Snickers2016

I had told customers that I would be away from the house between 2 and 3 pm., and I got back home at 3:10, to find some folks waiting for me with their dog. There were some very specific instructions for their pup, so they would not have wanted to just drop him off and carry on. I think I am going to start giving myself a little more latitude, though, because running off for one hour didn’t even give me time to do accomplish much in town, and the reservation for the newest guest WAS very last minute.

********** Tuesday 23rd ****************

I didn’t get a wheelbarrow full of produce picked and processed yesterday, nor Sunday. I have some ambition to do this today. There is still a significant amount of garlic to clean.

Later I will shampoo, brush out, and do the nails on these two lovelies:



It feels like fall in the evenings and the mornings. I wore my winter coat to do early chores yesterday, and found a cheque from July in the pocket. Yay!

There is fresh snow on the mountains again.

I’ve planned no pet grooming other than Abby and Shanara, pictured above, who are going home today. I keep wanting to type, “… so much to do…”, but I don’t like sounding as if I don’t think others are busy and productive (often more so). If I could just silence the voice in my head that says over and over, “I’m so tired, I’m exhausted, can’t catch up!”, that would be good.

Last night, a doggy guest who normally is quiet, was not quiet. I was up every hour trying to shush her, although from the tone of her voice, there must have been something nearby that was disturbing her, and sometimes the rest of the populace. I will tell myself that during the day while the voice in my head reminds me of how tired I am! Now that it is too late to sleep late … everyone is silent. Just as well that was up before 7, as I had an early check-in at the Pet Hostel.

Hope you have a good day, my friend who is reading this post.



~ Ann







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