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Plenty …

We have a smaller vegetable garden than usual, other than the garlic. Actually, I mean that we planted somewhat fewer vegetables and more garlic: the plot remains the same size.

I challenge myself often, to keep things interesting (less tedious), and decided yesterday that I should “process” a little of this and a bit of that instead of dealing with the whole crop of any one variety of produce in one day, or day after day. At 5:30 am, when I was wakeful, I got dressed and gathered this scant wheelbarrow of vegetables.


Then I got those all processed throughout the day. Shelly came over after her night shift at the hospital, and after our breakfast together, cleaned quite a lot of the garlic that still hangs in the tractor shed.

I slept later this morning and was thankful for it. I didn’t get up until 7, but I’ve been puttering and showering, and haven’t gone outside. The horse is neighing to be released into the pasture, and the rooster John is crowing. I need to get going; it’s Sunday and I’m so looking forward to breakfast in town with our friends. I will gather a new wheelbarrow of vegetables for the day after that.

Oh, and I was asked to bathe and brush Loki, a Karelian Bear Dog. I managed to get the bathing done before breakfast, and when I returned from town, Loki was almost dry. He was brushed, combed and Furminated, nails clipped too, and was very respectful for all of that. Karelian Bear Dogs have their own proclivities, and so Loki always gets the most dig-resistant kennel, and we once thought he would jump the six foot fences, so there is also a lid/cover on his dog run. He spends lots of time atop his dog house, barking at whatever he believes he is guarding his space against, or simply bouncing off the chain link walls and gates. He would kill a cat or any other small animal, we are certain.


Good thing he’s wonderful for grooming, eh? Apparently they are bred against aggression toward humans. Whew.


Once again, this blog is a “day old” before getting back to it. Now it’s Monday morning, and it has rained steadily all night long. More than enough moisture is on the gardens now, thank you! Farmers are still trying to get their haying done, so it would be nice if we could get back to our idyllic summer now.

Yesterday afternoon, IĀ  was relaxing in Gary’s recliner and catching up with my online word games, and I heard a vehicle drive in. I was expecting Loki’s owner to arrive, but instead, my guests were new customers who had reserved a week ago for boarding of their two dogs while they hiked nearby, at Mt. Robson.

I had forgotten to watch for them. The man’s name was ringing only the faintest of bells in my mind … I must have looked stupified, and they must have felt disconcerted! Simon had phoned to tell me about his canine family members on the day that there were 35 dogs here; I had listened intently and written all details down, not on my appointment book but on a sheet of paper. While greeting my new friends, I couldn’t even recall where I had parked that note! Gee, I must have looked dozy. I felt insecure and inferior. Then, of course, my kennel had to pass scrutiny, and I can’t really talk about the details in this blog, but I sort of “passed”, kind of barely. If the folks were taken aback that I wasn’t expecting them, I don’t blame them.

I will try to return later, maybe in a new post, with pictures of Simon’s (and his wife’s) two darling dogs. I already LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Had a nice visit after the last two dogs were settled in! Shelly and Adrien had taken their friend Tim up to nearby McBride Peak/Teare Mountain. This is a popular point of interest in our valley, the site of old fire lookouts. I was still shaken from looking so dumb in front of my new customers, so I felt awkward meeting Tim, and worried that I couldn’t think of anything to offer them for dinner. We all satisfied ourselves with drinking some beer, and I chattered away, forgetting my nervousness. As well, anyone who pets Lady the entire time he visits here is A-OK with me!


Must get going to tend to all the wonderful animals who depend on me. Lady and McKenna wanted out for only about 5 minutes in the rain this morning, but I know they will dutifully follow me around as I let the horse out, tend the chickens, and feed the dogs (only 10 boarders). Then I have to go into McBride to do some errands and pick up a dog for grooming (some days pick up-and-delivery seems like at least one trip to town too many!).


~ Ann





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