Life and Pets

Hair straight back …

Holy cow, the Pet Hostel got busy.

I hadn’t really stopped to count the “incoming” crowd; it seemed like plenty, but I’ve always managed. And managing is what I’m doing… this is all good.

We had several cancellations, for different reasons, and oh, goodness, this was a mercy. I tried not to sound too glib and gleeful on the phone when the dog owners phoned to properly cancel. One couple couldn’t bring their pet because the dog was sick, and I was very worried and sad to hear about that.

On top of these proper cancellations (with as much notice as the people could manage), there were at least two “no-shows” as well. I would have been very challenged if 7 or 8 more dogs had shown up today.

As it is, four more dogs will come tomorrow, one of them just for day care. One of the lot that is here tonight will go home. On Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, there will be steady check-outs.

Between Thursday arrivals and Friday arrivals, we have Tipsin, Red, Chloe & Xena, Callie, Jude, Cedar, Rocky & Spike, Gus, Snoopi, Sancho & Duke & Lexus, Bailey, Axel, Oliver, Canoe & Timber, Nazzy & Chloe, Shadow, Sikko, Molly, Sasha & Riley, Shorty & Pal, Cambridge, and Stella. No cats or parrots this weekend.

I started out the day cleaning some garlic, and after a few dogs arrived, I picked some peas. Thank goodness Gary took the time this evening to shell these, or I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to them. And really, we want to give peas a chance.


Just a few of the faces around here tonight:


That’s Lexus, looking pretty composed. She has never warmed up to me, and delivered a warning bite this afternoon, for no reason that I knew. It’s not the first time.  Her “brothers” in the family are two giant schnauzers, and they both think I’m great!


Oliver is a new customer, and a quiet, friendly dude. I trust him and he seems to like me. His only peccadillo is that he has a delicate digestive system; knowing this, he needs a very small meal four times per day. It’s no problem to me.

Canoe and Timber came to us after their owner had ridden her bicycle many kilometers on a brand new trail for cyclists, hikers, and even horseback riders. Certainly makes dogs more content when they come here, to have had some extra exercise.


I haven’t taken pictures of each and every one of the boarders this weekend. Tomorrow might be a little less hectic, at least in terms of vehicular traffic and meeting of new people.

Most of the new human clients are attending the nearby music Festival.

Thank you for reading my blog. My mine has gone to mush now.

Love,  Ann



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