Tired by ten…

Ah well, it’s what I signed up for! The doggy business is my joy; I’d say “pride and joy”, but I’m not a very “proud” person when it comes to my own self. But my heart is almost always full of some satisfaction in the work I do, and am pleased with many people I meet. And I simply ADORE most of the pets.

No wonder I’m exhausted, being always so full of emotion.

Even as we speak, I can hear a dog “worrying” her chain link gate. That’s a vintage term for pulling and damaging, in this case, with the powerful jaws. I can do without that stress; the dog has been here before, and is adjacent to a good doggy pal (who is not trying to destroy his kennel). All I can think to do, besides yelling a rebuke from wherever I am, is to spray a non-toxic chew deterrent onto the chain link.  Better than having an escapee.

Red Diana

The solution to the fence-chewing “Red” was three-fold. I sprayed the gate, frame, and surrounding chain link with “Bitter Apple” … a product that is non-toxic, made for application even directly on pets. I fed the dog a big bowl of food, knowing she had been too excited to eat before being dropped off at the kennel this morning. Then I sat only about 20 feet away, in the shade, cleaning garlic and told Red to STOP! every time she started to worry the fence.

Red’s buddy is “Tipsin”, who despite being an intact male with a history of leaving his home and running around the country, has been a model guest.


Everyone who has stopped here today in the interest of delivering dogs, has offered me a hug. Ladies my age, young handsome hippy guys, or girls, it doesn’t matter. Best of all are family hugs of course. I wasn’t always such a “huggy” person; I think in the last 20 years or so, when my life seemed to get better and better, I somehow started to unknowingly invite hugs. Sometimes I offer them first. It’s all good!

I groomed Sophie today, who only needed a bath and minimal brushing. I sheared Maya short again, and got interrupted before I “finessed” every part, but she’s cool and clean. Sophie is a stellar dog for grooming, but NOBODY is as great as Maya. The little Eskie cross stands stock still when you want her to, lies down perfectly relaxed when you encourage that, doesn’t fight or fuss for nails or anything. She offers delicate doggy kisses if I allow it.


Sophie during an earlier groom



After my lunch break and some garlic cleaning and regular Pet Hostel work, some more dogs arrived.

Xena Gustavson


Chloe Gustavson

Chloe, Xena’s daughter


Callie, Tipsin’s daughter




Jude, a baby Plott Hound

Cedar Wolfe



Odie & Bandit, staying for awhile

Shadow Zahn



Morag, aka “Momo”


While Frank and Puddles were here, I moved a chair into their run and cleaned garlic while they kept me company. Later, Lady and Smokey helped:


Orienpet Lilies

I know that I showed you these great lilies ‘Conca d’Or’ before. Today, the owner of the dog Sophie was on her way into McBride to work with a friend. She asked if she could have one stem of lilies to take to town for that friend. Of course! I have plenty. Later, the gal came back and said that giving the flowers was the greatest part of her day.

Must get to bed and steel my courage for tomorrow. There will be more dogs arriving. I was trying not to sound ungrateful when two owners had to cancel their two dogs each, but then I had three last minute requests for dog boarding.

It’s what I signed up for!

Love, Ann


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