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Ms. Sally Domestic …

It’s been that kind of a day.  Although I did take care of dogs and cats (and Max) at the Pet Hostel, and I did go out to Dunster to visit and buy some cilantro, basil, cucumbers, and a cake, much of the afternoon and evening was spent in the kitchen.

I bought a power juicer just a few weeks ago; it works very well, but it doesn’t yield a clear juice that I wanted for making jellies. The literature doesn’t tell me this, and I didn’t ask the person who was selling the appliance. So the power juicer is back on Facebook.

I was trying to make use of the rest of the Norland apples, and the machine makes short work of the fruit. However, the output is a cloudy (though delicious) amber liquid. I thought this would still make a delicious jelly when mixed with raspberry juice: the machine produced a cloudy, though delicious, bright liquid, but a lot of pulp to discard. It seemed like it wasn’t “extracting” juice as I expected.

Never mind all of that, tonight I made a double batch of raspberry-apple jelly. It’s very tasty, but not clear, and not “smooth”. Maybe it will be a good glaze on meat.


What is left of the stupid apples … until the late apples ripen.

At Dunster market I bought a few of Pete’s small cukes. I don’t want to get totally carried away as I used to in a past life “on the farm”, but I felt hungry for old fashioned “bread and butter pickles”. I made a small batch to just keep in the fridge … they taste wonderful! I also made pesto with Pete’s basil, and frozen chopped cilantro from Lily’s offering at the Market.

Somewhere in here, I cleaned garlic with Gary.


Supper was relatively simple, with leftover chicken in tikki masala sauce (from a jar), cooked in a little crock pot. We had our own potatoes in that dish, and then roasted cauliflower to go with it.

Our Shelly had had a very long, very sad day, so I made her a batch of chicken vegetable soup to take home.

Right at supper time, some acquaintances brought a dog to me. They had found “it” running down a secondary road. I think the couple was on their way to dining out in McBride, as they remarked that the dog had a phone number on the collar but obviously hadn’t tried it. They expected me to “take it from here”, so to speak, and I did. Again.

Indeed, there was a phone number, and I thought I recognized the border collie as one belonging to people who live close to the couple who picked him up. I phoned from my cell phone, including the photo of the dog, and left a message. The “greeting” on the voicemail confirmed the dog’s ownership, so I phoned the cell number belonging to her husband (in my contacts … he has been our electrician for years). Within about 10 minutes, our friend showed up for “Spot”, who presumably had panicked with the thunderstorms. Poor Spot … see Spot run.


Little Daisy the cat went home … I don’t remember if I ever shared her picture. She is a dainty orange cat who delighted me with her antics for two weeks.

I also didn’t get a photo of Emerson and Ruger: a Saint Bernard and a tiny sheltie from the same household. We have Odie and Bandit, two young energetic dogs from different households, but both families request they be housed together. Zoe is here, and Seltzer & Maya, Rye & Max, Charlie, Blitzen and Smudge. And Max the African Grey Parrot. Still a zoo, and all GOOD!

Here is one the the many lilies in the gardens. Fills the air with a heady scent, and makes me feel happy. This one is an Oriental X Trumpet cross named “Conca d’Or”.


Stay well, all of you!

~ Ann


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