Life and Pets

A fine Friday …

I didn’t get over to the Community Market in downtown McBride, or anywhere else such as the post office, but it was a lovely day anyway.

Just a half day of grooming was scheduled for today … Kian and Gamble. I experience a tiny bit of angst when I have these two lovely boys for their spa day, only because I haven’t been able to remember which is which. It is not hard to tell them apart, I simply have a difficult time knowing who is Kian and who is Gamble. Even when their owners refer to them by name, I forget.


Then, what do you think I discovered when I groomed the first little guy? A tattoo in his ear, an ear that I’ve cleaned several times over the last few months after the boys became clients.


Now … even after knowing it’s there, I can’t view the name at a glance, on the fly, but it will take the guesswork out of the equation, and maybe I can commit to memory which doggy is which. Gamble doesn’t have his name in his ear, just numbers and symbols.

I can call them all “Darling”, and I do, but that is not impressive if I’m referring to the dog to its owner.





These boys used to be show dogs and breeding dogs. They are used to being handled and groomed and are quiet and respectful. They were neutered by the breeding kennel owners and offered for adoption; I’m so glad that friends found them or were found by them, as it is a perfect match and home.

Today Mulligan aka “Molly” went home. Her owners hike in our area every year, so it’s a wonder that we haven’t crossed paths before!  They probably leave the dog with friends or in a kennel in their home city. I averred that I would love to have Molly stay with us again.


For a weekend, it is relatively quiet. We have the cats Rye & Max, and Daisy staying. Also, the parrot Max:


I have become accustomed to letting the African Grey Parrot out of his cage when I’m in my kennel building, which is often. His family is happy that I’m comfortable doing this; I’ve felt less leery of that powerful beak and we seem to trust and like each other.

Emerson and Ruger are here for a couple of days and I haven’t got a picture for you yet. Bandit, Odie, Zoe, Seltzer & Maya are here, and tomorrow Blitzen and Charlie will arrive. I was hoping to visit at the Dunster Farmer’s Market again, but I’m not sure that I can get away.

When urgent other work is done, Gary and I clean the garlic. Shelly helped this afternoon too. Gary has done most of the cleaning so far, and we have a couple hundred heads ready for sale … out of almost 2500. *sigh*

From Gary’s daughter in Facebook… a new picture of Juno:


That beautiful child makes everyone’s day!

As I so often do, I’ve waited too long to start chatting with you, my friends. Going to shut things down, shower, and watch Netflix for while.




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