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Digging out …

… I’m “digging out” from the long weekend. It has been busy, but all under control. At one point, there were 18 dogs and 4 cats, or maybe 20 dogs, I can’t quite recall the high count. There was traffic in the driveway sometimes three vehicles deep: just the way I like it, at least for limited periods of time. Helps pay the bills.

Today I felt pushed and stressed, but I don’t really know why. Nobody was pushing me, but there always seems so much to do and I never feel like I’m “breaking even” by the end of the day. The pets are always taken care of, and I rustle up meals, but as I just said, I’m not “gaining” on anything.

I got so that I was sick of the apple processing. I have a market for sliced frozen apples and am working toward a certain obligation. That will help pay for some meat! I basically love the unofficial trade-off, but I am taking a break from gathering and peeling apples for a few days. There is other bounty to harvest.


Some dogs who were picked up Sunday and Monday were here for a week, and others just came for the August long weekend.

Yesterday Shepherd and Blitzen went home.


So did dear old Bear, and his younger sidekick, Khuno.


We met this handsome boy for the first time. His owner describes Timber as “almost feral”, and “not social”. We made friends with Timber right away, and he didn’t seem too fearful or furtive or crazy at all during his stay. The dog ate very well, a pretty good indication of feeling comfortable. He would be very welcome to board with us again, and of course I told his owner this.


Sierra and Petunia went home on Sunday. You’ve met them:


In this photo, I’m sitting on the pretty boxer’s bed, holding a treat, and explaining to Sierra that I’ll be clipping her nails.


Scruffy, an ol’ regular, and his companion cat Maple were here for the weekend.


Young and pretty, Maple is also an accomplished athlete. When I speak to her, she scales the gate so that we can be face-to-face.

I babysat the sweet and quirky Jack Russell Terrier, Bailey, too:


The photo is pretty blurry … this time my excuse is that, like most Jack Russells, Bailey is never still. She feels particularly frisky, as she has just been bathed.

When her owner brought her, Bailey’s neck and cheeks had traces of blood on them. I promised to check her all over carefully again, and if she needed treatment, I would take care of that (by taking her to the vet).

We surmise that Bailey must have killed a small animal such as a baby rabbit, as there was no wound on her at all. Now she’s all sparkly and feeling great.

More favourites came and went:


Yesterday, a brand new friend arrived. “Mulligan”, aka Molly, is a sweet girl of mixed breeding. Her owner says that she does not really bark, being part Basenji (so the SPCA told the family). I happen to know that Molly enjoys barking in a completely normal voice.


Nellie and Sadie go home tomorrow. They are about the easiest canine friends to have at the Pet Hostel:



This is Bandit. He’s a nice little guy, but I have been warned that if he gets out, he will run virtually forever. The owners and extended family know this from experience.



Cinnabar, a perennial favourite

I had a visit from my friend and renter, Rose. She brought her three little dogs and I tried to get a picture. I did take a photo, but it’s not excellent composition.


While I was holding the little black dog named Mailbox, I remarked to Rose that despite the dog’s advanced age, she had excellent teeth. Rose replied, “Well that’s strange, because she had all her teeth pulled two years ago!” . Now, obviously there is some confusion somewhere, but all I did was smile and nod.

Here’s Mailbox and her pearly whites:




This dog was turned in last night. He was found running down the highway about 30 km. from us, but I didn’t consider turning him away. The traveller who picked him up witnessed him almost getting hit on the highway. Because of Facebook, the owner was discovered and notified within a couple of hours, and “Rover” was picked up.


Last night, I gave Lady and McKenna each a lamb shank (leg bone). I stood by while they enjoyed them, listening for any sound of splintering: I almost never give our dogs any bone except a stout soup bone on occasion. McKenna seems to be looking for a place to bury hers, but eventually went back to her bed to gnaw for awhile.

Lamb shanks for McKenna and Lady

All this post and all these pictures represent just some of what goes on around here. I do stop to admire some of the summer blossoms too, you know!


Annabelle Hydrangea

I love you for reading my blog.

~ Ann









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