Life and Pets

On being a good wifey,

… sort of. I am being facetious. I pretty much do just what I want to do most of the time.

As I threatened to do in my last post, I got up earlier and went out the door. I picked two heaping ice cream buckets of our early apples, peeled and cored a few, made coffee, and then made one of those oven-baked apple pancakes. I think almost every European country lays claim to an oven-baked apple pancake.

So we had a yummy breakfast. As I hadn’t gone to bed until 1 o’clock, I was feeling weary by the time I took care of dogs! Unless I can go to sleep earlier, I am not going to get up at 6 a.m..

I was home all morning, caring for the pets, then weeding in the perennial beds which have become very lush with all the rain. Weeds are a beautiful green, y’know, but I know what a horrible task it is to get them under control after a period of neglect. I hardly “scratched” the surface, so to speak.

We’re getting a few tomatoes from the greenhouse, so I made Gary a tomato/ham/Swiss sandwich for lunch. I ate far too much leftover spaghetti for mine.

I was waiting for customers, too, so I couldn’t dine out, but eventually, five more dogs were dropped off for boarding. I didn’t groom at all today.

The afternoon was one of resting and escaping the heat, and I’m NOT complaining. Then Gary got the word that his hay was ready in the field; I wasn’t sure I could handle the work, handle the bales, but I thought I should at least offer. Gary’s horse only needs a few dozen bales of hay to get through our “feeding” season.

So, the Schwartz team fetched 70 bales of hay in little more than an hour! It helps that the farmer’s field is only 1/2 a kilometer down the road.

Gary asked if I wanted to go out for supper, and normally that sounds great. But today, I had a plan … Indian chicken salad, naan bread, home grown potatoes. So we’ll make a rain check, and there will be a day that I haven’t overeaten at lunch. It’s not like me to turn down dinner in town.

I should be back outside, picking raspberries for which we have a market, or doing whatever. But while I can chat with you after my pitching of the bales, I’m not very motivated.

And now I’m off to make the naan. Oh, and I have an apple pie ready to bake: I made it while I was “resting” before we got the hay.

Hope you’ve had a great day.

Love, Ann

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