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A beautiful evening …

It has been mundane evening after a fairly ordinary day, other than the particularly bright spot of visiting with Shelly for a little while.

I was lying on the couch feeling like I’m jumping out of my skin … both Gary and I are experiencing the creeping up of old age, especially after days of moderate or hard work. I’m thinking that we are too young to be feeling so old. But I don’t think I felt this jumpy and achy even on the days that Shelly and I dug garlic for hours.

Move! Get up! That’s a simple line from a movie which has served me well. It’s seriously out of context from the thriller I remember it from, but sometimes a body (old or not) just benefits from a change of position.

So I got up and moved … to the bottle of Tylenol, then the coffee pot, and to a lounge chair on the deck. It’s almost 8:30, but I was thinking, “WHY am I inside?”   Out here, the white throated sparrow is still singing in back of the house, and some other bird is gamely calling, I presume for a mate.  The wind in the poplars sounds like ocean waves.

FrontyardDeck FrontyardDeck2

We have had some weeks of mostly drizzly days, dark hours, and soaking deluges. Today was like summer again… almost cloudless, dry, and hot. Thank goodness the garlic is all dug! The most remarkable thing this season, and this could change, is that there are very few mosquitoes. My husband should be able to purchase hay for Bud, his riding horse, very soon, if this weather holds.

There is always too much to do. I should start earlier in the mornings, perhaps. I am usually up, dressed, and making coffee by 7 or 7:15. I dash outside to let out any dogs who have been “locked in” for the night. Both Gary and I look forward to a good breakfast early, too.  We watch news (ugh, even American politics) and then get on with our respective days.

This has become a pretty comfortable routine, but if I’m going to feel guilty about not picking raspberries or apples, or weeding gardens, perhaps I should be raring to go at 6:00. Then I would have to force myself to go to bed and to sleep before 1:00. Nah … maybe I’ll just stick with the present routine.

Just groomed two small dogs today: Ginger and Levi. Both are favourite “regulars”.


Yesterday, it was Skye and Joey. And who knew? Also both favourites.

Joey&Smokey SkyeJuly2016

New customer Benji went home tonight, one day ahead of schedule. His family was hiking at Berg Lake (Mount Robson), but came out early. I forgot to take the dog’s photo! I hope he returns… Benji’s people were surprised to learn that I’ve had this business for 32 years, that I have many customers from far away, and that their dog was not anxious and too stressed to eat while here.

After breakfast and pet care, I decided to “tame” the Virginia Creeper that grows over the outdoor runs. It all provides shade, but lately, the lush vine has become almost oppressive, at least to me, and keeps the runs rather damp, which wouldn’t be great for the dogs. I simply cut down all the hanging-down parts. There’s still plenty of shade, without the creepiness.

KennelVirginiaCreeper KennelVirginiaCreeper.2

Hope you all have had a peaceful and fulfilling day, and will have the same tomorrow. Now that it’s after 10 pm., I have to go tuck in all the pets.



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