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Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves …

The garlic harvest this year is definitely cause for joy and gratitude! We have dug up and hung more than 2000 heads of the fragrant stuff, and there are a few hundred more to be harvested.


Other than having to say “see you later” to Susan on Friday, I have had a good weekend. Mostly I’ve been busy with the care of pets … and the digging of garlic. Shelly has done a LOT to help with that.

Went out to Dunster for their Saturday Farmer’s Market and had some great visits with long-time friends. I bought a few vegetables and herbs, a little bit of baking, and a fantastic hamburger.

Today started early with some more garlic duty, and then I joined our friends for Sunday brunch… Gary had some farrier work.

We had a sort of “half-full” house at the Pet Hostel during the last few days. Seltzer & Maya, Baxter, Bodhi, Benji, Sadie & Nellie, Sierra & Petunia, Joey, Carly, Rye & Max, Murphy and Buster.

New to our scene was Murphy, who had been a rescued dog, but in a loving home for 2 years. To his family’s knowledge, he had never been left in a kennel before. Murphy turned out to be a well-adjusted, composed, quietly friendly guest! He waited patiently for his people, but didn’t make any fuss.

Murphy Kimpto

Buster has been here before. I enjoy him, and he likes us. He runs around his kennel with glee, and digs holes almost constantly.

You’ve met all the others except “Benji”, whose photo I might take tomorrow.


Darn, I often leave the blog posting too late … too tired to chatter any more for now.

Love, Ann

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