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Welcome back me …

Have had a couple of fairly busy days since getting back from Nelson. Shelly and Susan did a phenomenal job of keeping the Pet Hostel running and all guests safe and happy. As well, the kennel building was so neat and tidy, all dishes and bedding washed and put away. Things were “better” than how I’d left them!

Last night I was overtired and feeling ill from a head cold. I feel run down despite having rest, plenty to eat and drink, and everything being right with the world.  I looked at my daughters’ faces as they watched TV and had such a sense of pride and adoration I can hardly describe it. Susan is only visiting for a short while longer, so I was maudlin about that, and grateful that Shelly lives nearby now. We wish we could see Kim more often, and obviously those we just saw… Beth, Mike, and Juno.

Okay I guess you “get” that I’m emotional.

Had the company of these fine, fine border collies yesterday. They will visit again tomorrow, just while their owners are hiking for the day.

Toby MeikleOtisMax Meikle
Today, I sheared Beau short again. His owner is doing her best to keep him comfortable; Beau is elderly, with some serious health issues. I find it tough to see Beau having a hard time, but it is a privilege to do a little something to help.


I had some cancellations for grooming today, so I ran away on errands. I delivered frozen raspberries to someone who needs a supply for a new food distribution business, and from a member of the same family working from same location, I picked up organic pork, all cut, wrapped and frozen. How efficient is that?

Gary has started the garlic harvest. It’s a bountiful crop again … almost every clove he planted has yielded a large, delicious bulb. Last night five of us had a good supper of barbecued kebabs made from local beef, potatoes and onions and garlic from the garden, as well as a few carrots, baby beets and broccoli.

Garlic 2016 GarlicMore2016

Our trip to Nelson was fabulous and long overdue. I hadn’t seen our grandchild since she was a month old, and it was time to celebrate her first birthday! Today is actually that birth date, but Sunday was when all the grandparents could attend, and dozens of others. The sun shone and it was a very pleasant time.


Two grandmas, Two iPhones


Beth is such a good and intuitive mommy to Juno, and she wasn’t sure that she would be. Beth has also launched a business in infant clothing … she designs, silk screens, and cuts fabric, and though she is a seamstress herself, she sends out most of the rest of the work to be completed. Shelly and I have purchased clothing items for newborns and older babies, babies waiting to be born, and even babies who have yet to be conceived.

Tonight there was another “Found Dog” turned in to the Pet Hostel. I could certainly not turn it away and insist it be let loose on the road where she was found. But after a couple of hours, I did figure out who the owner was. The lovely little dog will get picked up tomorrow.


Well, folks, this post is disjointed, I know. I’m feeling better but still weary, so I’ll say, “Goodnight”.

Love, Ann

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