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Aw, blackened chicken AGAIN?

Hey, it’s a thing. It’s a menu item at some fancy restaurants. I’m just not sure that the chef runs through the kitchen, smears a bunch of “Schwartz’s” poultry spice mix on the chickens, throws them on the barbecue, and dashes away to do other work.

I turned the controls WAY down! Do other cooks notice when the chickens catch fire … twice? Oh, well, though I had some trouble regulating the burners, I am confident that this meal will be cooked through and safe.


Our Susan is visiting from California! Hurray! We are all ecstatic to see her and spend time with her. I had a lot of work to do today so I barely got a daughter “fix”.  Susan had work at the computer and some other visiting to do, in McBride, as well. We will have dinner for Shelly when she gets off work later too… yummy blackened chicken, and stuff from the garden.

I was up fairly early to have breakfast and coffee with Gary, who had to travel for work today. Had the rest of the pot of coffee with Su, and then some of my favourite dogs arrived.

I groomed Binou, Dremeled Fanny’s nails, and visited a lot with them during the day. I was interrupted several times while clipping and bathing Binou: lucky for me, he loves being lifted and held and cuddled. The three dogs, Binou, Fanny, and Daizy, have a huge part of my heart. And my lap, while I sit in their kennel with them. (This is also quite necessary to ensure that they all get their proper meal, as well. It’s a “break” for me!).




I forgot to get a picture of CeeCee the cat, whose nails I trimmed this morning. There is never a more trusting and gentle cat who visits just for claw clipping!

I groomed little Benji this afternoon. His owners would have been fine with waiting until next week, but I wanted to forge ahead so that there wasn’t so much catching up to do AFTER our short holiday.


I also sheared Bandit short. I enjoy the work, and this tiny Australian Shepherd is a regular, but one could not say that he enjoys being groomed or staying here. He was “good” for me, but when I tried to file his little nails, I knew he was about to lose his temper. I got all nails trimmed, but not filed: I wanted to end on a positive note.


A beloved “old” customer is Axel. I have boarded him occasionally since he was a pup, and it is tough to watch my favourites go into their senior years. His owner didn’t ask me to bathe Axel and do his nails, but I thought she’d like that I did this during his short stay. The dog cavorted around with joy after his “spa” treatment.


So I’m sitting here talking to my friends (you!), and sipping Fireball whiskey directly from a mickey, when I should be putting the finishing touches on supper. At least the chicken is cooked!

Susan is still out picking berries:



Love, Ann

p.s. Dinner was delicious, if I might say so myself. We have saved some for Shelly, who will come here after her long shift ends at the hospital. There is the chicken, beet greens and tiny beets from the garden, broccoli too, with optional homemade cheese sauce, and rice. Pretty basic, but I was so relieved that my “burnt offering” from the barbecue was tender and yummy.

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