Life and Pets

Playin’ hookey …

Shelly is in charge tomorrow while Gary and I dash into Prince George just for the day.

Today, being Sunday, started with chores and then brunch in town with Shelly and our friends. That was two hours of lively discussion on dozens of subjects, accompanied by a good breakfast and a couple of pots (each) of coffee.

I had some catching up to do when I got home. I finished grooming the darling Chloe. She has her own adorable “look”, and the owners request a plain trim all over. I love the dog and enjoy grooming her; she looks like E.T. or other little alien.


I picked up Holly to dremel her little nails … yesterday, I sat on the floor with her and clipped with the nail scissors, but my dremel tool needed recharging. Then I decided to bathe her, and brush her out with the Furminator tool. Her coat looks short and wiry, but I got quite a bit of undercoat out. I was only asked to trim the nails… the rest was “unauthorized” but I hope the owners are pleased.


Smokey was out hunting at this point … I don’t think it’s a good idea to tempt a terrier with too much closeness from a pushy cat anyway.

When I understood that neither Chloe, nor Scruffy and Maple, would be picked up until later in the afternoon, I went to help Shelly work on the fenceline at the house in town. Someday this summer, there will be a sturdy fence all around that property … it will provide privacy, contain dogs, and maybe even deter the bold McBride deer who wreak havoc on nursery and other garden stock.

Shelly and Eunice, her neighbour, had already been working hard. Shelly and I did a bit of cleaning up of the old material, and planning of the new fence, and went for ice cream.

Then Scruffy and Maple got picked up, and I did afternoon/evening chores and we had supper. Chloe went home. At some point, Max the parrot was picked up and his people left cash … but I didn’t even hear them come and go!

Everyone is tucked in for the night … Gally & Patch, Seltzer & Maya, Rye & Max (Shelly’s cats), and little Holly.

And tomorrow I make my great escape … for one day. Thank goodness for Shelly being available. All that is really needed when we only leave for the day is checking that everyone has water, treats distributed, and sometimes a meal served, but what is most critical is that the place is “attended”.

Take care, everyone.

Love, Ann


Lady supervises the raspberry picking


The hens particularly liked the spaghetti. Carb worms!




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