Life and Pets

Sick of me yet?

I’ve been posting so regularly that I’m afraid I’ll bore my readership.

I didn’t have any work booked for today. I thought perhaps I’d have one small dog to groom until I realized she was not due to arrive for boarding and a spa treatment until this evening. So I will groom little Chloe tomorrow.

Then, about 10 am., I received a polite inquiry from a friend about grooming her Newfoundland dog, Sadie. She wasn’t sure when the big girl could get a ride over, but I said that if Sadie could arrive by noon, I’d be happy to groom her. The dog was delivered by 11 am, so that worked out well.

Sadie Molendyk

Sadie’s owners had been saying that they had been brushing her a lot, “keeping up with it”, when I asked if she had matts. I don’t want to disparage my friends in my Blog, but I had a hunch that the dog was not going to be matt-free.

There was no way that anyone could have combed out the undercarriage and backside and tail of this pet. I tried to free up some of the coat by combing and using ShowSheen, but a lot was just like felt, and urine-soaked and acrid. My eyes and nose burned.


It was so satisfying to fix Sadie up. She was as gentle as can be, though not willing to stand or sit up. I manipulated her body until I had sheared or combed out every inch of her. She would stand in the bathtub, so that is where I could reach some of the spots.

Sadie Molendyk

Smokey added her “support”


Max adds his commentary to almost everything that goes on.

I enjoy my work, and none of this was upsetting to me, but the task of grooming Sadie was demanding and exhausting. When I phoned to say that Sadie was ready to go home, her owner remarked, “She wasn’t too bad, eh?”. In my own sweet (probably obtuse) way, I explained that the work had actually been pretty challenging.

Because this job took 4 hours, I worked through lunch. That doesn’t do me any harm at all, but by late afternoon, I felt famished. Lucky for me, we had planned to meet with Zev and Sharon and Shelly for Chinese smorgasbord! HURRAY!

Through the day, before and after I fixed Sadie up, I went around with dog toenail scissors and did Carly’s, Scruffy’s, Holly’s, Gally’s and Patch’s nails.

Carly Walline

Carly Walline

Carly ‘n’ me … just hanging out together.



Holly Thornhill


Patch & Gally

Gally (Gallagher) & Patch

Goodnight, my friends.

~ Ann



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