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Fruitful day …

We are starting to eat from the garden again … I mean really from the garden and greenhouse and not just from the freezer. Mind you, we don’t mind that we still have peas, carrots, and potatoes (okay, and some frozen cabbage, maybe ratatouille and miscellaneous) to eat from the freezer. But tonight, we had the first baby potatoes!


We have locally grown beef, chicken, and lamb in the freezer, and soon, a side of pork. Our “cups” runneth over!

The day was also pretty fulfilling because I had this sweet charmer to groom. Lacy is an “aussie doodle”, an australian shepherd mixed with poodle. After I got through with her, she felt like the persian lamb coat that I remember my mother having (when I was small, I didn’t know that lambs had to die for that). The lady who owns Lacy was sure that her children were going to be thrilled with the softness (and cleanliness) of their dog.

Lacy FunkLacy Funk

The lovely border collie “Zero” went home today after a short stay. She seemed happy to see me when she arrived, and was perfectly composed (and ate well) while waiting for her owners. I forgot to take a better shot of this pretty dog, and once she was in the vehicle, she didn’t feel like posing.


I had Ajax here for a few days. You’ve met him before, and I love having him here. His family forgot to bring his raised dish, which is actually a plant stand that fits his steel bowl. Because it can be important for a tall dog to have a raised dish, I rigged something else up: a non-skid bowl on a sturdy foot stool. Does he look impressed?


Gally has been here before, but this time he was joined by his sidekick from the same household, Patch. Gally is the yellow lab cross, and Patch is the chocolate lab.

Patch & Gally

Waiting for cookies.

Patch & Gally

Now they’re just laughing at me.



Patch Trembley



Carly has come back to see us!

And so has Max:


I love having the African Grey Parrot here, and enjoy hearing his ever-increasing repertoire of sounds, words and simple phrases. Little wonder that he barks like a dog, yells, “Hear kitty kitty kitty!” and says, “Goooood boyyyy…”.


Dear old Jasper is here for a short stay. She is no trouble whatsoever.

Gally and Patch arrived this morning, and Carly this afternoon. Zero, Ajax, Ryder, and Chloe went home. I will stay open late for Duke and Lady to get picked up: their owners think they can just “sneak in quiet as mice” after 10 pm. Although we CAN be fooled when there are no vocal dogs in outdoor runs, this is not one of those times. Even so, I want my friends to be reunited with their dear dogs, so we will allow it.


After this picture was taken, the puppy Lady regarded the newly wrapped tree as a personal challenge. She got her teeth through the spaces of the fencing to rip the duct tape off, and also somehow became very TALL and stripped bark off the tree at 5 to 6 feet! I moved the dynamic duo into a different run, and replaced the tree altogether, with a stouter wrap of wire fencing around it, up to a greater height. Then I allowed an older, more sedate dog to occupy that kennel!

Had lunch with good friends today and fetched the mail and got a couple of grocery items. That was a nice break.

I am going to be away for a one day break next week, and Shelly will be in charge. Then, later in the week, we are venturing forth to see our granddaughter Juno! Yippee!


Take care, everyone.

Love, Ann



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