Life and Pets

Lily, Ryder, Chloe, Maple, Buddy and Taffy …


Little Lily looks a bit offended at Smokey’s pushiness.

Lily Price


Ryder Cunningham


Chloe Cunningham

Chloe … a really, really big girl.

Maple Forman


Buddy Campbell


Taffy Pig

Taffy, our beloved guinea pig.

Today was a day of steady work, both grooming and taking care of boarding pets. I did stop for lunch (yummy spaghetti squash with marinara sauce), but was otherwise on my feet until mercifully, Shelly came along and we sat on the deck with ginger ale.

Eventually, Shelly had to go home to get some sleep before starting her 12 hour night shift. I started taking care of evening feedings (of pets, mostly). There were friends here to pick raspberries, and then some customers of Gary’s came for a visit. All were welcome, of course.

Sometimes, no matter how pleasant the day, I’m happy to see the end of it. I feel exhausted, but tomorrow will be busy as well. It seems like I have really hit my stride in the last few years in business, that the business is as much a “job” as I have ever had … but just in time to dream of retirement!

Hope your days have been pleasant as well.

Love, Ann


Just a fun picture from the Internet.



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