Dogs and Life

Another beautiful day in the ‘hood …

… and the weather smartened up too!

I groomed this gorgeous collie in the morning. Pluto has been coming for spa days more often … every 3 months or so, instead of once per year. Today, I didn’t have to shave any part of the coat, and though I removed a tremendous amount of undercoat, he was not matted. Pluto was so dignified and calm, matching his regal appearance.


A small dog arrived for her spa visit in the middle of my grooming of Pluto, and that’s fine. Little Hanna belongs to a elderly lady who still drives, but today some people I didn’t recognize drove in to our place 40 minutes before I expected the wee dog. A man got out and complained “This place is noisy!” (To which I tersely replied that this IS a kennel.). Then a woman exited the  passenger side, exclaiming, “Mommy got hurt!”. Until I saw the little dog Hanna, I was feeling quite confused and a little irritated.

Once we established who had a mishap (Hanna’s human owner), and I was able to express due sympathy, I was able to get on with Hanna’s clip and bath, etc.. Hanna is very compliant and pleasant though a little fussy for nails.


Angel and Molly visited briefly this week and went home this afternoon. Angel was a rescued dog and has been transformed by her new family from a shy, skittish pet to a steady and well-adjusted lap dog. Molly is also among the sweetest little loves.

AngelW MollyW

I nipped into McBride to visit the bank, then went to visit Rose. She confessed that she had been too terrified of the new laundry pair to use it! Together, we put a small load into the washer, and had a little refresher lesson. She said that she was having a rather bad day and was feeling confused about lots of things. I tried to comfort her, and silently wondered if she was having a sort of delayed reaction to Linda’s death.

I took a latte to Shelly at work, and bought espresso ice cream to take home to Gary.

It wasn’t a gruelling day of work, but I’m very tired.  Talk to you soon!

Love, Ann

P.S. another few photos (carrying my iPhone and snapping pictures is too easy!)

Our “watchcat” of yard and kennels, Smokey:


Every morning about 11, Bud the horse is called into “lock-up”. He needs to spend time in a corral with reduced rations, for weight control, and so he doesn’t founder. It’s a marvel to me that this beautiful animal will come at a gallop from wherever he is on lush pasture, at the sound of our voices, only to have to scrounge on the shorter grass for the rest of the day. It’s for his own good, but still …


There will be a bumper crop of raspberries this year. We are already sending out word for others to come and pick … there are too many berries for us and we love to share food.


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