Life and Pets

Lacklustre Monday …

I was at a loss for a title, but I felt like chatting with you.

Things are just fine here, but I am tired of our gloomy weather, rain and chill. It doesn’t seem like July.

On the other hand, I’ve pleasant days in business, as usual. I love my life, I love my job … I am living the life I envisioned as a young girl.

Last night right as I ate my supper, some folks drove in the yard simply to ask about making an appointment. A kindly senior gentleman (not TOO senior … barely older than I, I think!) stepped out of the back seat of a car and said, “We didn’t know if you are open on Sundays.” I responded that we are indeed open, but just starting dinner, but, “How might I help you?”.

The man was inquiring about getting his dog groomed, but it was not with him. I chuckled inwardly as he told me that he had adopted a dog only three weeks ago, that the dog was about four years old, and “about this high” (gesturing knee height). Described the dog as looking sort of like a dog you see in the movies (all I could think was Benji, Rin Tin Tin, or Lassie), with a coat that had both soft fur and longer fur. This man had offered to take the dog after something happened to the dog’s family in Fort Smith, NWT. None of this, of course, told me really what I might be grooming! For a quote on the price, I took a wild guess and said, “Probably $50.” The dog’s owner thought that sounded good, so we made an appointment for today.

This is what my new friend Clayton brought to me today. The dog, Chico, seemed as kindly as his owner, and was stellar the whole time for behaviour. At first, I thought we might have a problem, as Chico barked at me from the vehicle, then stood warily watching me as I chatted with Clayton and his friend. When I asked what Clayton wanted (all over very short, or matts lopped off and trimmed a happy medium, say …), he answered quietly, “I’ll leave that to your discretion.” This is always music to my ears.

Chico from NWT

Chico from NWT

So in the next two hours I removed Chico from his matts. He was perfectly patient and respectful. He didn’t like his front paws touched, but didn’t bite, so I got the job done. I don’t know if Chico has had some history of getting groomed and therefore was simply not afraid of the process, or I’m just a rock star. I felt like a rock star, and dog owner Clayton seemed to think I was one.

I have the great privilege of hanging out with Shadow. I sit on her dog bed with her and tell her about my day, and remind her what a rock star SHE is, and spray pain relief potion on her sore ACL.


And this is me, while I sit with Shadow.



The drawing shows where an “ACL” injury is … the stifle joint.

Some other great souls…


Josie (above) … I was asked to groom her while her owner went to a wedding on Saturday. It worked out well. (I was not invited to any of five weddings that I knew about this weekend. lol)


This pretty little calico is “Maple”. She has the most remarkable maple-coloured eyes!


Haley is a new guest at the Pet Hostel, and she coped very well. She is a miniature pinscher, but she turned into a snarling devil when we all tried to clip her nails. Sometimes I fare better on my own than with help from the pet owners, but we shall see …


Buddy “before” … with Smokey keeping him company.


Buddy, “after”: I didn’t take a very good photo, but he was sweet-smelling and handsome.

IMG_8396 (1)IMG_8397 (1)


On Friday night, we attended the Dunster Ice Cream Social. It was their 39th event of this kind, and I have been to almost every one. This Social is an anniversary of sorts for Gary and I … our first date 18 years ago was to this event. Neither of us were sure it was a date, or maybe we were just carpooling, but either way … the rest is history!


The stuffed “dummies” are an institution connected to the Ice Cream Social. One year, when Gary had just moved in with me, I created a larger-than-life-sized doll resembling my daughter Susan. I didn’t plan it that way, but that is what my dummy looked like, and I made a stand for this doll created from an IV drip stand. I was finished creating about midnight, and stood her in the living room to away some kind of staging down on the highway before the Social.

Gary got up in the middle of the night and almost had heart failure. He saw the very tall red head and though this was Susan just standing there … and Gary um, naked.

The next afternoon, I planted the doll down at the highway, propped up by her IV stand, with her thumb out, and a sign around her neck, “Goin’ To Dunster”. Too bad for all of us, our dummy got stolen that night, and all of the jokes that arose from the incident helped to ease the pain. How do you ask the local RCMP to look for your dummie? We figured that some trucked was going down the road thinking that was the quietest hitchhiker or new girlfriend ever.

Though it was been so very many years since that happened, I haven’t made a new dummy for the Ice Cream Social, but some day I WILL!


Time to distribute meals for Ajax, Shadow, Maple, Scruffy, Molly & Angel, Lady & Duke, Zero, Jasper and Buster. Then Gary and I.

Take care of yourselves!

~ Ann






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