Life and Pets

Happy Monday …

Sorry for the lame title, but hey, there’s nothing unhappy about this day so far!

Early this morning, I awoke from a dream that a dog had scratched itself raw while in my care. While that sort of thing can happen to anyone, including owners, my dream was so “real” that I was rehearsing what I would say to the vet and to the dog’s owner, by whom I’m intimidated at the best of times. I have some history with that person’s wife, who was furious with me a long, long time ago, after I trimmed the matts from behind her dog’s ears and from its tail while it boarded here, without permission. At any rate, this other thing was a dream, just a dream. The dog in my dream actually doesn’t even exist and no such dog belongs to those intimidating people! Still feels like I dodged a bullet.

All is well at the Pet Hostel. We have a small and relatively quiet population here, after Sunday nights’ departures. Seltzer & Maya, Duke & Lady, Rye & Max, and Tank are all well and evidently happy. Our own pets are hale and hearty, even McKenna seems joyful and spry today.


Above is our first Asiatic Lily, ‘Lollipop’, to bloom. First of many!


Yesterday, in Facebook land, my darling in-law Lori posted a picture of the yellow peonies that her neighbour had brought over. This prompted me to check on our yellow peony, which was in bud for the first time, last I looked. This is what I found! This is Peony ‘Bartzella”, and I had to ferret the plant away from the public sales, back in the last year that I sold perennials. It is uncommon and very special.


Above are our two mock orange shrubs. The top one is ‘Minnesota Snowflake’, and I forget the variety of the other one.


Our oldest cat, Gilbert, is around and under foot every day, and that’s a good thing. I was so sad to lose the cat Jack, but this senior female cat stayed away from the house and kennel building most of the time while Jack was alive. I’m glad to have her out front and happy.

Yesterday started well, with breakfast in town with friends. “Old” friends who taught my children happened to be in the same restaurant and they joined us. It was very nice to catch up with Wiebes, and also our “regular” breakfast club friends. You can imagine my joy that Shelly now lives in McBride and can often come to Sunday brunch.

In the afternoon, I tackled a corner of the vegetable garden that had become overrun with grasses,weeds, and other unwanted perennials, around a tall Schubert Chokecherry and a sprawling Dogwood. I ruthlessly pruned the trees, and sat in the soil pulling the tenacious invaders. Lady lay in the shade near me, and I always assure her that she is helping!


Later, we rested:


While I was catching up in Facebook while I rested from my afternoon of weeding and pet care, I found this gem! The young lady is the eldest child of a childhood friend, and the other gal is her aunt, who was one of my two closest friends as I grew up. Was that obtuse? Doesn’t matter. Amanda is a beautiful child, especially because she resembles her mother and her grandmother so closely. My lovely “old” friend Kathie owns the premiere dance studio in Calgary, Alberta, ‘Free House Dance’, which has been an institution for decades. Everyone who knows Kathie is so proud of her. The same can be said of Amanda, though we don’t know each other well.


Must get on with my day! I’ve taken care of my animal charges, but one round is not enough. Then I have errands to run.

Hope all of you have a good day, too.







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