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Annie’s gout weed project …

Suddenly, I love Aegopodium all over again. This is what my dad used to call “Snow On The Mountain” and another common name is Bishop’s Gout Weed.


This plant is hardy to the point of being invasive, but as a gardening friend said, “Well you can control it, right? With a shovel?”  I used to share it and sell it with a stern “caution”.


My dad liked gout weed and had it at the house where I spent my teen years, and at the house that he and Myrtle moved to in their senior years. I imagine that Dad used it in the yard of my childhood, but I don’t remember.

It’s a good plant for a shady corner or walkway, and will crowd out most other plants including weeds. Being variegated creamy white and pale green, it seems to bring light to where it is planted.


When I bought this acreage 23 years ago, I brought a bit of gout weed from my former home in Dunster, where Dad had brought it to. I just planted that bit in a flower bed. Now I have gout weed in many, many places, mostly where I’ve put it on purpose!

A couple of weeks ago, Gary made the observation that the front of my kennel building “could be cleaned up”. After I got past my indignation and admitted to myself that I agreed, I tried to decide what would be the most practical landscaping solution for that space.

Although we don’t have any water shortage anymore, I wanted something that didn’t need fussing with. There was already fine gravel right up to the white siding, and the front of the building faces south, in full sun most of the day. Did I say that Aegopodium also does well in hot, dry conditions?

In the last few days, I have planted gout weed along the front, one side, and the back of my beloved kennel building. My kind husband remarked today that the work might seem tedious, to which I chirped, “Oh, no, I’m loving this… it’s like decorating and I wish I had done it years ago!” (The facility was built in 2012).


I also planted gout weed along the neglected far end of our house. I think I did not plant it properly, and didn’t water it right away, so will have to add some more little roots and stolons. But hey … this has been fun.

I told Gary that there would be a point at which I would feel I have enough goutweed. Future owners of this acreage (maybe even generations of mine) might feel there is too much and eradicate some! In the meantime, I look forward to my plantations taking hold and making some more corners look pretty.

Enough about Aegopodium.

This is the scene that greeted me when I went out the back door of the building this afternoon. There was no scolding or shaming … I should know by now that these little dogs will take a great notion from time to time, and I shouldn’t have left this trampoline/ dog bed in their yard.



This lovely German Shepherd is “Tank”. He was not aggressive enough to make the cut in Canine RCMP school, but was adopted by an officer anyway. He is here while the mommy of the family has a baby.

Rosie came for toenail clipping today. She is not well socialized, and hated her pedicure, but did not try to bite.


Here is a picture of Gary’s vegetable garden. We have had some delicious beet greens, and a few little bulbs of onion and garlic.



Below is Gary’s Ivory Silk Lilac Tree. The blossoms are fading, but the tree has been a most enthusiastic bloomer, year after year.

I kid you not … I have purchased lilacs and peonies and such for my husband because he appreciates these things. Yay!




Above two photos from top: shady kennels with Lady and Duke, and shady kennels with Timber and Jasper.


This is a “distance shot” of Lady chasing the ball, and McKenna supervising. I am launching the ball from a chair; as you’ll remember I was not feeling well yesterday morning, and that was my idea of exercise and a good time. Dear McKenna (15 years old) was aware of Lady retrieving the ball, and every time the ball was thrown, she would wait while Lady raced by her, and then take one step or two in the same direction. She still has the spirit of “play” quite often!


This is Bella, just hanging out with me. I am on the other side of the fence, planting … yes, goutweed.

So I’ve come full circle, in a way. Enough for one blog post!





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