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Jake, Fanny Mae, Daizy & Binou, etc …

I’ve had a fabulous day, starting with the care of the guest dogs Seltzer & Maya and Lady & Duke, cats Rye and Max, and our own contingent of cats and dogs and chickens. Gary and I had what has become our “usual” breakfast … scrabbled eggs, toast and coffee.

Jake was a new customer for me, brought out from Valemount by his owners. For reasons I won’t go into here, I felt intimidated by the humans, but not by the large, senior golden retriever. Jake was wonderful, so dignified, even noble.



Jakes demeanor changed from noble to “waiting for cookie”.

Jake’s owners sort of “grew on” me. When they came back for the big dog, they visited for a little while. That they liked my grooming job did a lot to put me at ease.

I had my loves Fanny, Daizy and Binou visiting for the day! I was asked to groom Fanny, and the other two only needed a nail trim. They sat quietly watching me work in the kennel building, and though they had access to outdoors at all times, they seemed content mostly to gaze through the inside gate at the activity indoors.


Look at that face! Fanny Mae. And look! I didn’t misplace her collar this time. 😉


Binou’s great paw draped over my leg looks like fur trim on my “boot”! He soon tried to drape the rest of himself over my legs. Binou is a purebred Portuguese Water Dog.


This is the little “chiweenie” (chihuahua X dachshund), Daizy. I was most impressed today that Daizy ate her evening meal without any cajoling from me. Yes, she is nestled close to my chest.

While I was giving Fanny Mae her haircut (which I hoped was a sort of “Asian Fusion” style), Smokey came to comfort her. Or vie for attention … whichever it is, the little dog doesn’t look too happy with the deal, but soon relaxed again.



Binou and Fanny relaxing after their meal. Okay, they’re looking for more… I still have their wonderful dessert (treats) beside me.

I’m happy to have these two beautiful chocolate labs stay at the Pet Hostel. This is Duke and his baby daughter, Lady.

The tree is included in the pictures for effect. I planted a large branch from a golden willow inside the dog run a couple of weeks ago. And then I “added” a growing puppy. One morning I came out to greet the dogs and wondered what ribbon-like material was all over the pen… it was willow bark.

So I wrapped the trunk with tasteful brown duct tape, sprayed that with a non-toxic chew repellent, and cut some stucco wire to surround the tree. In case anyone wonders what an encircling “bandage” of tape would do to a young tree, I also carefully sliced THROUGH the tape lengthwise once it was on. This way, the cambium layer is protected from drying out, presumably, but the tape cannot strangle the tree.

I did all of that to preserve a “free” tree” because it seemed less trouble than cutting and rooting another big limb. I’m always trying to “improve” the Pet Hostel, and providing shade is a priority … I just have to be a little smarter around the dogs I love so much.

Here’s a picture of another love, an all-time favourite, “Shadow”. I told you about her in my one of my last posts, but didn’t include the most recent picture.

Shadow Krinke

Shadow has been suffering some ACL (stifle) pain and arrived with her own naturopathic formula pain-killer, a topical spray. I promised to apply the spray every four hours, and did so.

After the cat scratched me yesterday, I decided to give my wound a tiny spritz of this pain-killing spray: oh my gosh! It stung like crazy!  Then I applied a bandaid and went about my day. Whether it was this beautifully aromatic potion or the iodine swab that I had used previously, the deep scratch didn’t hurt for very long, and was healing noticeably by the end of the day.

My friend let me have the part bottle of the stuff called “That Stuff For PAIN”, and I applied it to the kink in my neck and sore shoulder before I went to bed. The STUFF not only smells lovely, but generates heat, or the sensation of heat, and I believe it eased some pain.


This is the product.  Google it, if you like. Thank me later. lol

Love you all!


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