Life and Pets

The blood is mine …

So don’t worry, the cat is unscathed, though angry.

Pickles lost his temper right away with me today. He comes once per year to get styled … the matts shaved off. Once that anger “switch” turns on in a cat, it seems almost impossible to calm him/her, and to continue to get the task done. If only I could reason with him (to make him understand that he’s better without the matts).

I’ve made a couple of attempts, first without restraining the pet at all, and then with the most gentle, unobtrusive methods, and finally with double mesh bags, a fishing net, and on me, a winter coat and leather gloves. I’m still gentle (easy for me to say), and have not injured Pickles in any way, other than hurting his pride.

He clawed me quite well in the first 30 seconds … and has managed to inflict minor wounds as I attempted to complete the mission. I’m close to a nervous wreck and will give him another long break while I calm myself and groom a small dog, and perhaps Pickles will also rest and relax. He has let me scratch his ears and top of his head without coming after me, but once that “switch” turns again, he actually travels to get at me, and I’m worried about my face and eyes as well as my hands.


I groomed this wee darling while giving Pickles the cat a rest. This is Ricu. He’s a bichon, but lives in the country, so his people like his coat short. He’s a calm boy … seems to be a “thinker” as he watches me with a level gaze but never has tried to bite or be disrespectful (meaning that he stands still if I ask him to, sits quietly on grooming table and in bathtub).


So, after the relatively rewarding time with Ricu, I went back to see if I could finish with Pickles. I cannot. I have to admit defeat. He was biting right through my good leather gloves and leaping up to claw my sleeves. I couldn’t even apply more mesh bags or restraint … because then I couldn’t get at the parts of the cat which still need shaving. Boo.


The handsome dog “Cooper” is going home today, or more accurately, he is being picked up on his family’s way to Newfoundland.


I’m also hanging out with Shadow today … she is always and forever a love.


I’m alone for lunch today and am thawing some homemade chicken soup. I am going to sit in the quiet of the living room, with no American politics on the TV, and recover from my go-around with Pickles. I’m glad that he seems unruffled, now that the anger-temper switch switched off again. No I’m not going to try again, but I feel disappointed, more with HIM than myself.

Hope you have a good day!

Love, Ann


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