Life and Pets

Just another day, another very good day…

Groomed three small dogs this morning and early afternoon … all went well.

Shadow Zahn

Shadow & Smokey

Shadow is so humble and sweet. He’s a “schnoodle”, but when groomed in a schnauzer style, he looks purebred to me! It doesn’t matter.


This beauty is “Onus”. She is also a darling to groom, though I should remember that when she visits she can’t help but poop on the grooming table, or my hand or grooming equipment. This is a fairly common “cocker spaniel thing”.

This is Muffin. Her behaviour was exemplary also. Can you wonder how this has been such a great work day? Each dog has been so gentle and kind.


Earlier this week, I dogsat Boone, and his sidekick from the same family, Crockett. They are both purebred black labs, and I forgot to get a picture of the baby dog.

Boon Buckler

Yesterday I groomed the sister to the maggoty dog I sheared short and cleaned up last weekend. “Momo” has not suffered the problems that Foxy had … no maggots for sure. Now the two girls look similar; they are sweethearts no matter what their hair length, and they are so comfortable now. It will only be a short time before they are fluffy and blacker again.

Momo McLean

I sat on the floor of Woezel’s kennel this afternoon to clip his nails. He didn’t enjoy the pedicure, but was happy for my up-front-and-personal visit, and the treats too. It’s impossible to tell in the picture, but Woezel, being an adult standard poodle, is a large boy, I would guess about 70 pounds.


It’s another relatively quiet weekend at the Pet Hostel (am I forgetting to go somewhere and do something, like a daughter’s grad?). We have the beautiful father and daughter chocolate labs Duke & Lady, and Clemina & Wally, little Pepper, a schnauzer, and Buster, a hound mix. We have the cats Tubbers & Luke, and Shelly’s two little dogs and two cats.

I can imagine why: suddenly I think I smell like a dog. Off to the shower for me!







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