Dogs and Life

Sebastian, Tigger and Prince, etc …

It has been a relatively busy day in the grooming shop, but I didn’t feel terribly pushed. I was able to take a short lunch break, and mid-afternoon, I hurriedly threw two little chickens on the barbecue.

For boarders, we have black labs Crockett & Boone, chocolate labs Lady & Duke, Smudge (who recently found a porcupine at his home and suffered a mouth and snout full of quills, so needs his antibiotics). Shelly’s dogs are here, Seltzer & Maya, and her cats Rye & Max.  We have another two cats boarding, Luke & Tubbers.
Hunter, a regular guest, a golden retriever was here just for the day. He visited with his cone, as he is sufferings a hot spot on his legs… and I found another on his neck when I groomed him.

Sebastian arrived while I was still drinking coffee this morning, but soon I was ready to “tackle” him, or more specifically, deal with his matts. The great thing was that the cat was not nearly as badly matted as his owner feared, and never showed even one moment of distress or temper. Sebastian went home with a sort of “bed jacket” and full fluffy tail. Owner has been brushing her barn cat baby!

Sebastian Cat

I had partly groomed the large collie, “Prince”, when Tigger arrived. He is a regular from Valemount, a chubby and sweet Pomeranian.


Thank goodness for my electric lift table … totally saves my back almost daily. Prince is very gentle and stands still to be helped onto the table when it is lowered to 18″. He was equally compliant and stoic during his hours of grooming; his owner and I agreed that it was the kindest thing to shear the dog short this time. Prince did not appreciate the bath, but still was well behaved for me.

PrinceBefore PrinceAfter

After his people returned to pick him up, the big dog pranced about, visiting his owner (my friend Lisa  adopted him from another family member), and then her children who had come along, and ME!  Prince kept coming back to me, tail wagging, with that open, trusting look on his face. Lisa had brought a large hoodie to protect the naked dog as he rides in the back of the truck, so I called him our “gangsta dog”.

Prince,Mateus,Carissa Prince&Mateus

The lovely, caring Lisa was worried that grooming Prince was such a huge job. I was telling Gary about this (the concerned remark AND the work of the day), and said, “Yes, it was challenging, but hey, no maggots!”

I still had some strength left as the end of the day approached, so I decided to bath and brush Hunter. This golden retriever has been a guest so regularly that I felt inclined to groom him free and as a surprise. I am cautious about doing “unauthorized grooming” after some bad feedback from an owner many years ago.


I groomed these two “toy” aussie shepherds yesterday. I am honoured to have folks drive all the way from Valemount to bring their dogs here for any services.

Roper McKenzie Konan Konana2

The blue-eyed pup is “Roper”, and the other, pictured the second time as he lies against my leg as I sit on the floor enjoying them, is “Konan”.

Beth’s mom (Juno’s #1 Grandma!) sent some more pictures of Juno, and some of Beth. I want to cry when I see the photos: baby’s first year has almost passed us by. We are overdue for a visit.

IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8038 IMG_8039 IMG_8033 IMG_8041 IMG_8034 IMG_8035

I’m done and done in for the night. I wish you all a restful sleep, and a good day tomorrow. If that’s not possible, I send you courage.

~ Ann


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