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Keeper, Sam, Rowdy, Sadye …

I wrote several descriptive paragraphs last night about this great family of border collies. I had my feet up in Gary’s recliner chair as I typed, and when I switched from “Publish” to “Save as Draft” … it all disappeared!

This morning I’m anxious to get on with my day: breakfast with Gary and then clean up the grooming shop (and groom just one little dog, then some gardening). It was “snowing” long black hair yesterday in the shop as I used the high velocity dryer on each darling dog. There is a lot of vacuuming/sweeping/mopping to do!












Okay, so anyway, what I was writing about last night was how Sadye and her family came to live at the Peterson Ranch in the Robson Valley.

A few years ago, I got a phone call from a stranger in a town more than 150 miles away. The caller had got my phone number from the McBride Hotel Bar! (Our town is so small that one can phone almost any number with a certain prefix and a helpful person will give out a correct number!).

The person told me that a friend of hers had picked up a dog, “maybe a purebred border collie”, about 35 miles west of McBride. That friend had decided this dog “wouldn’t stay home” (obviously because that was not her home!), and they wanted to arrange transport BACK TO McBride so that, presumably, I could find the dog’s rightful owner.

My response was that I imagined some distraught person had been searching frantically for this dog. As I waited for the dog since named “Sadye” to arrive here, I phoned all over the community outside which she was found. No luck … nobody I talked to knew of anyone missing a dog. After I could take a photo, I advertised in Facebook and by poster; never found the “rightful” owner, but chose the first on the list of folks who offered to adopt the dog.

I gave Sadye to Petersons, who have a large farm, loving home and family, livestock, and other pets. Eventually, Sadye was bred to another border collie, a tri-coloured working dog. She had a beautiful litter, and as well as the ones who stayed at the Peterson Ranch, I’m acquainted with several other Sadye puppies.

There are very few entire “families” of dogs who are so respectful, pleasant and obedient. Indeed there are few individual dogs who are so lovely to handle as any one of those pets.

It was my decision to groom all four border collies in one day. I’m in several Facebook groups where pet groomers compare notes … most members of those groups can groom six or eight or ten dogs in a day, even without bathers or receptionists! I cannot.

Yesterday was a huge working day for me. Thank goodness Sadye and her kids were all so compliant! Nevertheless, they are working farm dogs with a sense of mischief and play as well. They came to me with heavy undercoat, matts where I expected matts, and the colours and aroma of cow manure.

When I groomed “Keeper”, the smallest pup, I felt that I hadn’t got her clean enough and planned to go back after finishing the others and give her a new bath (once she was all combed out and trimmed). I didn’t get that done.

I was stressing a little over not getting the white parts white enough on all of the dogs, and it occurred to me to try a common household product, at least just on their legs. I had a brand new bottle of heavy-duty hand cleaner, safe for human skin, naturally. The product smells divine, and I applied it with a soft plastic brush (also made to be gentle to human skin). This, combined with a bit of blue Dawn dish soap got much of the green cast out of the white fur. Eureka!

No matter how lengthy the labour, it was a truly rewarding day. Gary had to run away late in the afternoon to help a friend treat a horse, so I didn’t worry about supper very much. I ate leftover rice and chicken tiki masala, and eventually put a frozen pizza in the oven for Gary.

Today was easy … I just booked one little dog, Snoopi. You have met him before. He’s a shy little bichon X dog, but we have a bond now and he’s not too stressed when he’s with me.


It’s quiet at the Pet Hostel. We have Shelly’s little pets Seltzer & Maya, Rye & Max (the cats), and other cats Luke & Tubbers. We have Bella and Gally and Cedar.

More great souls are expected for weekend boarding, including two pleasant pitbull cross dogs who are going to be in a wedding party! I was asked if I would like to “dress” the dogs and deliver them to the wedding, and I declined. I averred that someone else would have to be delegated for that, I truly felt I would be too busy, but actually, I think the idea might be against my principles. The other thing is that I have seen the female dog pull her six foot tall owner right over (he fell to the ground but came up smiling, he loves the pooch so much!), and I do not want to test my strength against such a strong dog anywhere, let alone at a gathering of many people. This is all I should say in my blog.

Another week is half over! Incredible how time flies.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow, or good days until I chat with you again. I love that you read this blog and think of you as I write.

Love, Ann



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