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Sleepless in McBride …

It’s just after 6 am., and I woke from a sound sleep at 5. I shouldn’t have entitled this post “Sleepless …”, as I really have had a full complement of rest. I just happened to have started about 7 pm last night! Snored on the couch for awhile, then dozed through three episodes of “Spotless” on Netflix after Gary went to bed.

It has been hot here! I tell myself that I enjoy the heat but that I don’t want to do very much work in it. Trouble is, there are so many projects and much work to be done. The voice in my head keeps saying to me, “So tired, so tired, so hot, so achy …”, and though I try to shut the bitch up with occasional cool drinks and sitting down in the shade, I feel I must push myself. Lady and Smokey would prefer that I sit more; they love to keep me company.


Flower beds are getting renovated. And the trouble with this kind of gardening… nothing lasts or stays the way you leave it. I can see the quack grass and other weeds creeping back in almost as I work. Even so, as the “wanted” things bloom and grow lusher, I enjoy the look of the yard, and the compliments from others. Come rest in our garden (on our deck … bring beer).

I keep edging with rocks, trying to “will” the grass to stay out, and I plan to use more homemade weed killer around all the perimeters, hoes and hand weeding within the gardens, and try to stay “on top” of it. Am turning a couple of hopeless beds back to mowable expanses of lawn … apologies to my Gary.

I posted an ad in the Facebook McBride Buy & Sell page yesterday, “Free peony roots and perhaps some other perennials…”. That was the gist of it. I’ve had lots of takers; I’m not trying to give away or decimate ALL of any clump of peonies, but a couple need moving/dividing. It is hard work to dig those plants up, but the plants themselves will make people happy.

Yesterday I just had two little dogs for grooming. I hadn’t booked anything other than boarding care for that day, but was happy to help a friend. Kian and Gamble are loving, obedient shih tzus:


We had two lovable scalliwags staying in the outdoor runs. Buster is an energetic youngster who frolics and digs and plays with his toys, entertaining himself and rarely barking.



Gallagher, “Gally”, is a recent rescue, and he has adjusted well at home and to occasional stays at the Pet Hostel. His owner reports that Gally seems to be “fascinated” with cats, but I am going to assume he could be a cat killer, simply by observing the dog’s behaviour when he is observing our cats. Though vocal at times (especially when the cats stroll by), he is a good boy and has been taught some manners.


We have an “old favourite” staying with us for a few days. Cedar is a senior labrador, always willing and respectful. She stays in an indoor-outdoor kennel with her own fluffy bed.



Above … Juno finding her own entertainment. She and her mom and Grandma have been on a great adventure to California. By all reports, she has been a superb traveller!

That is all I have to report this morning! Now it’s 7 am. and the time that I am usually dressed and coherant, so … on with the day!









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