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Come rest in my garden …

Lately, any day that I have animals taken care of, including grooming finished, I have felt like working in the gardens.  Because the flower beds have been neglected by me, the tasks are daunting.

One corner I tackled yesterday afternoon was CHOKED with comfrey. I have never bought comfrey or knowingly brought it here. I don’t even think I acquired it during a “perennial swap”, the last of which I held many years ago.  Wherever it lands, it takes over, sending rubbery or woody roots down.


I dug deep in the main comfrey patch for hours, and I found some precious perennial plants such as Asiatic Lilies and Lysimachia. The rhubarb plant and the Ligularia survived. I think that I will need to use RoundUp or a homemade substitute every time comfrey plants sprout. It’s WAR!

That was just one small part of the onerous task of renovating all the beds in a season. I don’t know if I can manage it.

This afternoon about 4, I came in and muttered to Gary, “I wish I could work longer.”. He asked if I thought I hadn’t worked enough hours today; honestly I hadn’t thought about that… it’s just that there is so much still to do. But my feet hurt, and everything else as well.

Yesterday while Gary and I took a break, he referred to one section of the perennial beds as “spectacular”. I feel grateful for that kind of encouragement, I have to admit that.



Above: Lady & Smokey “help” me

PerennialBed3  PerennialBed2


I have had several friends say to me, over the years, “No, I don’t want to go out for coffee … could I come over and just rest in your garden?”. The door is always open and the messy flower beds are not really closed for viewing. By all means, come rest in my garden, even if I often feel restless and discouraged by the tasks of maintaining them (or by having to start over at times).

I get many moments of delight, rest or fulfillment, while working in the yard, despite my complaining today to you.  This afternoon, I was in the greenhouse watering tomatoes and other things, and decided that the biggest container was overdue for a soaking (okay, it’s a bathtub). As I showered the soil, I was careful where I put my feet: I had seen a toad near the bathtub some weeks ago. I had put a broken flower pot on its side in the vicinity… that’s a toad house. Later when I went looking for another pot to make another home for a toad I spotted in one of the perennial beds, I picked up a broken concrete bowl in the greenhouse… lo and behold ANOTHER, very tiny, toad!

To my surprise, both the greenhouse denizens were peering up at me from the bathtub planter! I don’t know how they get up and down from there, but it felt really good to see them, and I tried not to spray them with ice cold mountain spring water.

Why does my heart feel so full over spotting and trying to protect three toads? Your answer’s bound to be as good as mine. Although not as appealing as a baby mammal of almost any kind, toads in our area are benign and beneficial. So there you have it. And I think they ARE pretty cute.


Maybe I need to find pleasure and calm in the little things, after a challenging week. I was going to say, “hellish week”, but that is hyperbole. While I tried to provide some measure of help and comfort to Rose, because Linda did die, my life went on more or less as normal. This month there have been four “passings” that have some meaning to me. I’m sending out sympathy and empathy (and sometimes casseroles) all over the place, and it makes me count my blessings more. I celebrate good news from my loved ones, enjoy fine health and a measure of good luck of my own. It’s a “charmed, charmed life” I say, as the song goes.

Thanks for letting me yammer on. I wish that any of you, if you’ve had a hellish week or not, could come rest in the garden with me.

Love, Ann

p.s. More beauty around us: Juno

JunoOnPlanetoCA JunoInCalifornia

Juno’s mom, Beth, and grandma, Lee, flew to California with Juno. This baby just “rocks” everything!

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