Life and Pets

Down to a dull roar, or so I’d thought …

This week seems to be going by, and still going, at a frenetic pace. I have nothing to complain about. Some days I think, however, “Could this day be any more hectic?” and then sure as hell, it gets more hectic.

The condition of my renter Linda continues to deteriorate, according to her friend and roommate Rose. Poor Rosie, who is 84, came back from Prince George last night at midnight, and today the hospital phoned her to tell her she should come back immediately.

Rose has been trying to find Linda’s living relatives, and the rest of us are wondering the same thing … shouldn’t we have names and phone numbers on a list somewhere, especially when we’re past, say, middle age? Rose doesn’t use the computer, but she is also unclear about certain names, so this makes it difficult for me to help with the search. I have left some fairly odd messages in Facebook, following clues such as “mutual Friends”, and locations. Rose believes that she has left phone messages, but was never certain of the phone numbers, so those might be dead ends as well.

I am boarding Rose’s and Linda’s three dogs, and a passel of others, plus some cats; I didn’t offer to drive Rose back up to Prince George, not this time. She was hoping that Linda could be transferred to our local hospital, but it sounds like that isn’t an option.

Last week, a young friend of ours rolled his ATV and shattered his elbow. I think that is only the worst of several injuries. His partner/wife sidekick, also dear to us, was significantly injured in some kind of quad accident a couple of weeks ago. I am of the opinion that these two should take up some safer pastimes. At any rate, this afternoon I will take over a large pot of macaroni and cheese (that seems to be my go-to dish for the injured, disadvantaged or bereaved lately) and the fixings for Caesars, their favourite pain-killer/drink. I stopped earlier today to find out about any food sensitivities or concerns; I’m glad they aren’t lactose intolerant or vegan.

I am SO EXCITED this week. I get to meet my sister in Jasper for lunch on Saturday! That is all I have to say about that.

Dogs have been coming and going all day. The owners of Tubbers and Luke have been visiting their cats daily, but I don’t have to be there or even near. It makes for a little extra commotion, but I will not say that they can’t visit their pets while they are waiting for accommodation to be ready in McBride.

I will be back later to load some pictures. Hope your day is going well!

~ Ann

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